Peecho brings print on demand to Issuu’s vast digital library

Imagine you’re a writer. You’ve been through months of hard work to get your publication online and build up your readership. You get feedback,support and praise as well as an engaged community around your content. Yet, you still crave for that blissful moment when you get to see your efforts translate into a tangible product that you can feel, smell and read comfortably in any cozy corner…

We’re proud to announce that we’re making this experience possible for thousands of writers and publishers on Issuu’s network! Issuu is the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world with more than 52 million monthly visitors, and over 4 million original publications. Using our cloudprint button, publishers on Issuu will now have the opportunity to transform their digital content into physical magazines, glossy paperbacks and hardcover books – all printed on demand regardless of their size or the number of pages.This is what Mik Stroyberg, Issu’s Director of Consumer Engagement, had to say about our co-op:”Due to the diverse nature of Issuu’s publications, transforming our pixels into high quality print has been really complicated – until now. The Peecho Cloud Print button does an excellent job by offering a service that used to be impossible.We look forward to providing our digital publishers with a fast, cost-effective way to receive their digital content as a physical product.”

Mik, we’re flattered and we’re also looking forward to provide Issuu publishers the opportunity to see their beautiful publications in print.

How does it work?

Peecho’s cloudprint button connects digital publishers to the world’s best print production facilities. By analyzing the specifications of any digital document in real-time, it automatically calculates the accurate, lowest price for a printed version, and displays the price comparisons.Publishers simply sign up, get the print button code and embed it in their website. Visitors can then buy their digital documents or images as photo books, reports, magazines, canvas prints, and more. Here’s a friendly video with more details.


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