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Our new website is live and it’s looking mighty fine!

2012 has been a great year for Peecho. Early on in January, we partnered up with Peak Capital and DHG Holding to bring our technology to market and drive global sales. Our team has also grown. We welcomed a new CCO, an online marketer and some awesome support peeps into our crew. We’ve also been busy improving our service by releasing a completely redesigned admin environment and a more user friendly print button. Moreover, we became an official AWS partner this Fall. But there’s always room for more good stuff. This past week we launched an entirely new website, ending the year with a bang! Read on for an overview of the changes.

Hello Simple Print Button

First things first, to celebrate the release of the new print button features we decided to change the name to simple print button – because it’s, plainly speaking, easy as pie. Our homepage has also seen significant improvements. It contains more visual product representations and handy links to our offerings for digital publishers, museums and businesses.Now, we might have dropped cloud from the print button name, but the cloud is still our home and that makes us proud! That’s why we’re dedicating an entire page to the production facilities that make up our global cloud print network.

Plans and Prices

Another big difference between this website and the old one is the plans and prices page. Aside from our enhanced product catalogue, this page contains key details about our new service plans scheme. Service plans are monthly payment plans which cover a host of different features. If you’re wondering what these service plans mean for you, take a look at the image below.To access company info, subscribe to our newsletter, read our blog and meet our team, scroll down to the menu at the bottom of each page.Got feedback or praise for our new interweb home? Give us a shout in the comments!


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