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Overlooked and Overpaid: How Traditional Printing is Draining Your Hotel’s Budget

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June 16, 2023
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Do-Not-Disturb door hangers, breakfast and lunch menus, bill books, brochures, guest directories for every room, advertising materials… Your hotel’s print operations may seem occasional at first glance. But add them all up, and you’ll have a considerable annual expense. On a global scale, this is even more pressing. Have you ever wondered how you could handle your hotel print more cost-efficiently?

Making guests feel at home, that is the hospitality industry’s prime target. So naturally, most capital is reserved towards that end. Rent, maintenance, room redecoration, cleaning, hourly wages for personnel, and travel agent commissions usually make up the biggest expenses for hotel businesses.

Print budgets, although necessary, are often restricted and even overlooked. So as a marketing and sales representative, you want to make sure that you spend what you have wisely.

Spend More Thought on Printing

In most marketing asset creation for the hotel industry, the definitive last step is printing. Yet in general, it is given remarkably little thought. If not given the care it needs, it can be unnecessarily expensive.
If you do not plan what you print, you end up printing (and paying!) more than you need, and you’ll have to pay for subsequent storage or wastage of excess materials.

Save Costs, Print Locally

Outsourcing orders to printers near your local hotels can save you quite a few headaches. Firstly, you can take the international freight and customs costs out of the equation, as you’re assigning them directly to a printer within the country of their destination. In other words, you’re effectively bypassing customs, but legally. Of course, you still need to pay local taxes, but Peecho will help you with that. 

Another relief is the freedom from stressing over orders getting stuck and delayed in customs, and the amount of hours spent on the telephone to chase them through. This will save you countless man-hours, and their costs.

Local printing also shortens transportation routes and delivery times, making the whole process more efficient and agile. And it helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

(Out)dated Materials

Excess most often arises in printing dated materials: your seasonal lunch menus, or invitations for events such as live music in the hotel lobby or bar. Past their due date, your freshly printed paper stack becomes a worthless burden. You end up shredding loads of unused materials, while the next overprinted assignment is already underway.

This vicious circle gives you a baseline of waste, and causes costs to rise to astronomical levels on a global scale, making it all the more worth your while to curb them and find alternative methods.

More Hidden Costs: Staff Hassle

Another hidden cost is the time your staff spends on taking care of print assignments. Creating marketing materials is one thing. Making the files ready for print and liaising with local printers to negotiate prices and establishing quality baselines is a labor-intensive ordeal. Not to mention the manifold of files ending up spread out over a multitude of computers and folders, as well as countless PDF files clogging up your staff’s download folders. A more streamlined printing process would help you save time and operational costs.

Hotel Printing on Demand

Your answer is called printing on demand, PoD for short. Its title is telling enough: it’s print where and whenever you need it. No more tiered pricing, excess printing, or waste. Find out exactly how many copies you need, and send out a direct and precise print order. You’ll pay for what you need. Not for the scale you’re in.

> In some cases, you may be better served with the traditional method of printing. Our blog about Offset vs. PoD printing gives an in-depth explanation to help you determine your best option.

Worldwide Printing on Demand

At Peecho, we offer printing on demand worldwide. Through our network of printers, you’ll be sure to print near your hotel locations. It shortens the distance to your hotels, and therefore diminishes delivery times and costs.

Our software helps your staff to simplify the transition from a digital design to actual print. Here’s how we do it. This speeds up your output and reduces hours of time spent chasing print assignments, helping you keep your hourly costs in check. It also helps you reduce excess printing costs such as use of ink and paper, frees up your storage, and reduces your contribution to CO2 emissions.

Reach out to us if you want to discuss how we can help you make the most out of your print budget.

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