New Peecho team member: Anna

Peecho has a new Developer: meet Anna from Belarus! Find out about Anna’s new life in Amsterdam and how she is settling in at Peecho.

1.Tell us about you!

I’m from Belarus or Wit-Rusland (which isn’t Russia). I’ve just moved to the Netherlands with my husband and we are very excited about the new experience, new people and our new life. I am very fond of nature and animals and I have a cat called Lipa. We are going to bring her here soon and our small family will be finally together.


 2. What did you do before life at Peecho?

I have worked in IT for almost 6 years as a software engineer in test and web developer. I have worked in many different business domains such as travel, fashion and e-commerce. Peecho is a new domain and therefore a new challenge for me.

3. You’re new to Amsterdam, what do you think?

I haven’t had enough time to get used to life in Amsterdam and the Netherlands yet. I still think I am a tourist here! But I see that people are different here from in Belarus with their lifestyle and things such as food. And the weather is just the same as in Belarus 🙂 Anyway I am happy that we made this decision and moved somewhere different.

4. What might people not know about you?

I like dancing and cooking. Unfortunately it’s not so easy to dance when you cook 😉 I have never watched Star Wars and I don’t really enjoy eating bread.

5. What do you want to achieve at Peecho (and what do you think about Peecho so far)?

I want to try a new style of working for me, being in a small team where you are involved in a significant part of the business cycle. I have some experience in development processes and I want to add to Peecho the development processes that I best know. I hope it will help to improve the quality of the product and make development more effective. I think that Peecho has a lot of potential to develop in terms of technical perspectives. The Peecho team is also open for changes and improvements and I am happy to be a part of the process.

6. What do you see in your future?

It is maybe the most difficult question for me and as I don’t know! But I am always looking to improve in every aspect that I can. And, of course, I will learn Dutch 🙂

Lachlan Hicks

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