New release: Peecho, the movie

Hooray! Peecho makes its film debut in our latest release. It’ a small movie that explains our services in detail. Peecho has been animated to take various roles.

In the beginning of the video, where we talk about our target audiences, you can see Peecho as a digital publisher, a writer and a creative. Anyone who creates digital content (books, magazines, portfolio’s, photo’s or paintings) can print and sell their publications as luxury prints, on demand.

The video continues by explaining why using Peecho is easy as pie and how we can help in getting people from all over the world to buy your content in print. Peecho takes care of everything: checkout, production and delivery at home. And our top class customer happiness team takes care of the customer service for you too! This part of the video Peecho is showing the way to happy customers.

Enough said, just see for yourself. We are curious to hear what you think. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or email us!


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