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New feature: publication preview!

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November 17, 2022

As from today you can decide to show your customers a preview of your publication on your website. Similar to our infamous print button, all you do is embed a simple piece of code. Your customers will be able to preview the first pages of your book or magazine, before they buy the publication. With this ‘sneak preview’, you can make your customers curious about your magazine and thus create more sales. Please read all about it in this blog post.

1. Log in to your Peecho account.

2. Click on ‘’Publications’’ in the top menu of your dashboard.

3. Click on ‘’Details’’ next to the publication.

4. Click on ‘’Publication Preview’’ in the left menu.

5. Copy and paste the code into your website.

6. You added the publication preview to your website! Your customers can click on the thumbnail of your publication..

..and they can preview the first 8 pages of your publication!

Do you need help with the integration of the publication preview? Contact us!

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