New feature: customize your checkout!

Many publishers, artists and photographers have already joined us in our journey of turning digital  magazines, books and photographs into luxury print products on demand. Via Peecho, every creator of digital content can offer their admirers the option to turn their content into professional reading matter and wall decoration. All of this directly from your own website by using our simple print button or sending people a simple print link. When your customers press the button to buy one of your products, they enter the Peecho checkout. At this point the checkout shows the Peecho identity but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could customize the checkout? Well, from now on it’s possible to customize the colour, the background and the logo of your checkout. Moreover, you can now change the unit of the sizes of the products. Continue reading to find out how!

Change the main colour

The new checkout is Peecho-green by default but can be customized in any colour you desire. Are most of the readers of your magazines girls? You can make your checkout candy pink. Are you selling a book about landscape architecture? You might want the checkout to be lawn green. Customizing the colour of the checkout can complete the experience of your product.

If you feel like changing the colour of your checkout, you can let us know by sending an email to Kenneth with the HTML colour name. And he will change it for you.

Personalize the background

In the background of the Peecho checkout, you can see an opened book. But what if your main products are magazines, photographs or drawings? Maybe you prefer a picture of the product you are selling in the background of your checkout. Everything is possible with the renewed checkout.

To change the background picture, click on ‘’settings’’ in the top menu. Then click on ‘’general’’ in the drop down menu. You will find the page that you can see in the screenshot below. When you click on the picture of the book (number 1 in the screenshot), you can upload your own background image.

Your own logo

On the same page, you can replace the Peecho logo for your own logo. To do this you also click on ‘’settings’’ in the top menu and then on ‘’general’’. In the checkout, the Peecho logo is visible on the top of the page and on the left bottom of the page. If you want to replace both of them, you have to upload both the ‘’brand logo’’ (number 2 in the screenshot) as well as  the ‘’logo above upload’’ (number 3).

Unit sizes

In the old checkout, your customers could only see the unit of the sizes of your products in centimeters. We received many requests from Peecho users for an option to show the sizes in inches. We are proud to say that from now on it is possible to choose between centimeters and inches in the checkout. You can find the unit of the sizes of your product in the bottom right of the page, next to the place where you can change the currency.

Do you have questions, remarks or tips for us? Let us know by sending us an email or give us a ring: +31638445117!


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