Never get lost during holidays with your printed travel guide

When you are on holidays, you want to see the most beautiful spots of the city or region you are visiting. Most of the time, however, only the locals know these spots. Geert van de Voorde created a solution for this. He travelled a lot and made up walking and cycling routes together with the local inhabitants of the areas he visited. You can find these routes on his Belgian website reisroutes.be. He connected the website with Peecho, so it is now also possible to get the best routes of a city or region as a printed travel guide. Learn more in this interview!

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

‘’My name is Geert van de Voorde and I live in Belgium. After more than ten years of experience in the professional travel industry I wanted to share my experiences with others. That was in 2000, when the internet was just booming. Annually, I lingered more than 250 days in dozens of holiday destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean. That gave me a lot of information and thus I created Euroreizen.be.’’

2. What is your website about?

‘’Euroreizen.be is a website about holiday destinations. In 2006, we went a step further and we made city tours, walking routes and cycling routes. Which we shared with our readers via the website reisroutes.be. In the last ten years we travelled a lot because all routes are made up on the spot with locals.’’

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3. How do you use Peecho?

‘’For every city or region, there are multiple routes. We created bundled travel guides from 50 to 120 pages. Many people prefer to read the routes from paper instead of their phone or computer screen. So we ended up at Peecho which is an ideal print on demand solution. Our readers can print one copy of their travel guide in different formats. An important service for us without it costing us time. Peecho arranges everything from payment to dispatch.’’

4. Who are your customers?

‘’Our customers are people from young to old, who want to see something during their holidays. The advantage of reisroutes.be is that readers get ready-to-use tips. They do not have to go looking for what they want to do during their vacation. We even give them a real schedule. They especially appreciate the fact that we also show hidden spots next to the highlights.’’

5. How do you promote the option to order a print?

”We promote the print version of the travel guides in several ways. On Reisroutes.be you can order a print through a simple link. ‘’Green Wandelboek Part 1’’ (Wandelboek means Book for Hiking) is a nice example: http://www.reisroutes.be/wandelroutes/groen-wandelboek-deel-1-430-2.aspx.”

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