Musée Magazine now available in print via Peecho

Musée magazine is a New York-based quarterly periodical that publishes the works of both up-and-coming and established photographers. First published in 2011, the publication has had six well-received issues. Musée was founded by award-winning fine art and fashion photographer Andrea Blanch. Referred to as “the woman who knows how to capture a woman,” Andrea’s work has been published in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times Magazine, Esquire and Rolling Stone, among other titles. Last month, Andrea started using our Simple Print Button to offer Musée volumes in print and we couldn’t wait to learn more about this stunning publication.

Andrea, tell us about Musée, what inspired you to launch the magazine?

One afternoon I was working in the studio when a flash of inspiration came to me: create an international magazine that provides a platform for emerging photographers.

Aside from exhibiting work from up-and-coming photographers, the magazine acts as a venue for them to come together with prominent names in the industry. Through the magazine, I am seeking to recreate my original mentorship under iconic photographer Richard Avedon, with whom I trained. The magazine contains interviews and features work by established artists such as Cindy Sherman, David LaChapelle and Catherine Opie who act as mentors and guides for the emerging artists.

What is your take on the future of photography, as someone who has seen the art form evolve throughout the years?

In my opinion the future of photography is more exciting and engaging than ever: the breakdown of barriers brought about by digital and social media offers an incredible new diversity and accessibility to new and established photographers. Photography, video, film and performance have opened up broader vistas than we previously thought possible. Old techniques are being used in new ways, the possibilities for innovative work and exploration seem limitless: it is the new frontier.

Photography today is everywhere: it is a part of our daily lives. The art form has come into its own and is getting the respect, recognition and attention it deserves.

Browse through Musée Magazine’s issues to discover work by talented emerging artists and some of the most prominent photographers worldwide.


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