MUE: an independent magazine for environmentally aware fashionistas

Young, dynamic and creative: those are the characteristics of MUE Magazine’s team members that enabled them to create a stunning independent magazine for fashionistas. MUE Magazine gives a renewing look at fashion and its definition. We had the pleasure to ask founder Zoé all about the magazine. Read the interview below and discover MUE Magazine yourself!This interview is also available in French.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

‘’We are a young team from France without any creative boundaries. Our team consists of 6 committed fashionistas. We decided to join forces to promote and shout out a message dear to our hearts. The MUE project was born thanks to an entrepreneurial dynamic in our team.’’independent magazine

2. When and why did you start this independent magazine for fashionistas?

‘’The first MUE magazine (the magazine is in French) was released on May 10 2017. So it’s all new! We decided to release this magazine to draw people’s attention to how the world of textiles really works: from design to production to sale. The clothing market is so huge and so powerful, that we have forgotten some basic notions: people and the environment are most important. We are trying to recall these fundamental values to consumers but especially to producers.’’

3. What is MUE Magazine about?

‘’It is a colorful, committed publication, where everyone can find their way. We are trying to present the trends of eco-responsible fashion from an artistic point of view. Our goal is to educate consumers and empower them to buy and to promote creative initiatives and ways to reuse clothes to limit overconsumption and waste of resources.’’

4. Why is Peecho the solution for you?

‘’Peecho allows us to provide our readers a paper version of our independent magazine. Thanks to print on demand, they can get a physical product they read whenever they feel like it. Outsourcing the entire printing process and distribution, saves us time and it keeps our customers independent at all times.’’

5. Who are your customers and how do you promote the option to get a print?

‘’We mainly target women because they are the main consumers of clothing. We are trying to create a community of committed fashionistas through our different social networks to make them read our information but also to promote our magazine.’’Would you like to sell your work via print on demand, just like Zoé does with her independent magazine? Just create a Peecho account and get started!


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