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Our new Peecho Developer Ilinca

Written by
November 17, 2022

Our new developer Ilinca moved from Bucharest to Amsterdam, and started working with us at Peecho. Although at first she wasn't so keen on the lack of sun and all of the rain, she's settling in very well and looking forward to getting stuck in to life in Amsterdam. Read our interview with Ilinca!


1. Tell us about you

Hi! My name is Ilinca and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I moved to Amsterdam about a month ago with my boyfriend. I work as a developer and I am really happy to be part of the team!

2. What did you do before life at Peecho?

I moved from Bucharest to Amsterdam 4 days before starting work at Peecho, so my life was very different. I was working as a software developer at a large company and studying to become an engineer.

3. You're new to Amsterdam, what do you think?

I love this city. It’s such a big city, but at the same time you can go everywhere you want by bike. I love the architectural style and the cozy feeling you get from walking down the streets. Before I came here, I was afraid of the weather in the Netherlands, but since I got here I actually enjoy it.

4. What might people not know about you?

They probably don’t know that I was a math tutor for a non-profit organisation in Romania and I was very sad when I had to leave them. Also, they might not know that I did trail running for 4 years in my hometown.

5. What do you want to achieve at Peecho (and what do you think about Peecho so far)?

For me, Peecho is exactly what I was looking for when I moved to Amsterdam. I wanted to work in a small team where I can be close to the business side. In this way I can understand the entire process better and how my work integrates with other parts.

6. What do you see in your future?

In the future I see myself enjoying Amsterdam even more and being involved in a lot of activities like taking cooking classes, starting boxing, designing my own clothes, running in the mornings and the list can go on!

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