Magazine Article Writing: 5 tips that will make your life easier

Whether you write an article for your own magazine or for someone else’s: it it important to do your magazine article writing well. When the readers of your own magazine like the articles in it, they will buy it more often and tell other people about it. And when you write for someone else’s magazine it can offer exposure that can lead to more article writing projects. What are things to think about when writing a magazine article?

  1. Consider your reader’s setting

Magazines are often read in places where people are waiting and can get distracted easily, like the dentist’s waiting-room or the train. This is something to take into account when writing a magazine article. Don’t make the introduction too long, structure your magazine article (headings, bullet points or numbers) and get to the point quickly.

  1. Choose a topic you are an expert on

Most writers write a high quality magazine article when they are an expert on the subject they chose. Magazine publishers prefer articles that contain in-depth information and readers like to read stuff they do not know yet. So think of topics you know a lot about, preferably be passionate about and other people would love to read about.

Magazine Article Writing

  1. Do research before you start magazine article writing

Even when you think you know a lot about a certain subject, make sure you do enough research. If you do, you can make sure the information in your article is complete and up-to-date. Google is a useful source of course, but it can also be very useful to interview other experts about the topic.

  1. Pay attention to the title and the images

When people read a magazine, they don’t read all articles. They flip the pages and search for something they find interesting. Whether they are going to read it or not is based on the title of your magazine article and the images. Make sure the title is appealing and the pictures make the readers want to read your article.

  1. Add your name to the article

When people like your magazine article and they see your name, good things might happen. They can look up more information about you and your work, they will read all of your articles or get in touch with you for new writing projects. So always make sure your name (and a picture if possible) is added to the article!

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