Mad sounds magazine: dedicated to the young and daring

Mad Sounds Magazine showcases youth in all its stages of vulnerability, recklessness, creativity and passion. Founder Giselle calls it a ‘’youth culture’’ publication. In this interview, she tells more about her magazine and why Peecho is the print on demand solution for her.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

‘’My name is Giselle Melendres and I am the founding editor-in-chief of Mad Sounds Magazine. When I’m not working on Mad Sounds I am a full time college student (going to be a junior this fall) and I’m also a new addition to issuu.com‘s marketing team. As for some random facts about me, I’m originally from a college town in Northern California: Davis, California, I love puppies and millennial pink!’’Mad sounds magazine

2. When and why did you start Mad Sounds Magazine?

‘’I started Mad Sounds when I was in my junior year of high school, almost four years ago now. I originally started Mad Sounds as a passion project – it was a personal hobby in effort to develop my interests in writing, photography and music. However, it slowly developed into a much larger platform and became a publication to inspire creativity in other people, rather than just myself.’’

3. What is Mad Sounds Magazine about?

‘’Mad Sounds is a youth culture publication for creative souls, dedicated to the young and daring. The publication is intended to highlight the talents and passions of creative youths, while also inspiring others to pursue their dreams and live passionately. I call the magazine a “youth culture” publication, in part because we showcase millennial based creatives, but additionally because it showcases the highlights and lowlights of youth in all its stages of vulnerability, recklessness, creativity and passion.’’

4. Why is Peecho the print on demand solution for you?

‘’Peecho has been a great solution for our print on demand needs, since I am running the magazine as a full time college student. I can’t personally dedicate the time to print and distribute every copy of Mad Sounds on my own, so I love that every copy of Mad Sounds is so easily distributed to anyone who is interested in owning a physical copy of my publication. The quality is also incredible, and being able to hold a hard copy of your hard work in your own hands is an amazing feeling!’’print on demand solution

5. Who are your customers and how do you promote the option to print your magazine?

‘’Our customers are loyal readers and contributors of Mad Sounds. I could not be more grateful for the people who want to own physical copies of Mad Sounds. We promoted the option to print our magazine by creating a “shop” page on our website so that way readers could shop for print issues in addition to just reading our publication online. We also occasionally promote the print options on our social media channels!’’Do you also want to sell your own magazine but don’t have the time for printing and distributing? Peecho has the print on demand solution for you. The only thing you have to do is upload your file and we will take care of the checkout, production, distribution and customer service. You keep your copyrights and you decide how much profit you make. Just create an account and get started!


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