Looking back at the second annual Dscoop EMEA Conference

Two weeks ago, Peecho CEO Martijn Groot and our partner RPI had the opportunity to present at the second annual Dscoop EMEA Conference: Print Grand Prix. The three-day event brought more than 700 print professionals together to discuss new business strategies and best practices. Our presentation and accompanying panel discussion were received with lots of enthusiasm. Panel participants included Rick Bellamy (CEO of RPI), Jan van Baar (VP sales & marketing at RPI-Paro), and Ludovic Martin (Chief Marketing Officer at Exaprint). In this post, we’ll give you a quick summary of the takeaways we distilled from the session. Print as a luxury good: new opportunities await•    We live in the age of connectivity, the speed of information is rapidly increasing and people simply cannot get enough of it. Digital content is therefore becoming volatile.•    Mass print is decreasing rapidly, paving the way for niche, luxury print products.•    Technology is constantly changing the landscape of the print industry. Legacy print providers should embrace technology to bridge the gap between physical and digital.•    Print is a great medium to grab someone’s attention and tell a story without disruption. The print industry can show publishers and brands how to best use the medium for this purpose in the digital age.•    Print as a luxury good can lead to new revenue streams and interesting margins.Interested in learning more? View the complete presentation below or feel free to contact us.


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