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KOONN: the modular decoration concept that makes every day different

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November 17, 2022
Blog|Peecho publishers

Using the same items to make an etagere as to make a candlestick: it is now possible via KOONN. KOONN is a modular decoration concept for the hospitality industry. In their magazines, you can find all the designs and they use Peecho for the magazine prints. Founder Jan-Karel Konings told us more about this interesting initiative.

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On KOONNs website, you can find all kind of decoration pieces. You can put the design pieces together because they all have a screw or a hole to fit the screw in. Every day is different in hospitality, so clients that use the KOONN concept have the possibility to adjust decorations and compositions to match their current activity and mood. So today you use 5 items to make an Etagere for Breakfast and tonight you use the same items to make the red carpet with a candle.Founder Jan-Karel Konings puts pictures of the designs together in magazines and prints them via Peecho. ‘’I am a fan of Peecho and I have been using their service for a few years now.’’ Jan-Karel Koning says. ‘’I publish my magazines on ISSUU, so people can view them online, and I allow people to print the magazines via Peecho’s print button. I send the magazines all over the world because we are selling KOONN worldwide. That can be a shop in Japan or a hanging Perfume store in a shopping mall in Moscow. And Wholesale we sell at Sligro in The Netherlands.’’

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