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How to get inspiration for creative writing

Written by
November 17, 2022

Creative writing : Summer is over, the rain has descended and the time to stop procrastinating has officially begun. So what are you going to do? Get writing of course! Need a little help to get over the writer’s block after summer? Here are our top tips to be inspired and get those creative juices flowing.

1. Go on a crazy adventure

There is nothing better to get creative than doing something completely different from your daily routine. Go travelling, take a weekend break and discover new places. Do anything to get out of your comfort zone, the adrenaline pumping and into creative mode.

2. Start a new hobby

It’s always good to learn new skills and do other creative things than writing in order to spark new ideas and waves of thought. Play a musical instrument, start painting or read a completely different genre of books than what you are used to. Even better, take up a new sport to make you energized and ready to start writing away.

3. Be at one with nature

You don’t need to suddenly become a tree hugger, but going for walks and spending time in the great outdoors is good for your health, mentally and physically. Go with a friend for interesting and personal discussions, bound to get you thinking and come home refreshed and ready to write. Check out this article from Fox News about the benefits of hiking for the creative mind.

4. Meet new people

The world is full of interesting and unique people, and meeting more of them will introduce you to new ideas. Pluck up the courage to meet new people and speak to strangers and hear their life stories. Be enchanted and ready to put pen to paper.

5. Sit in a café

Take a book or notepad, have a coffee and sit back and relax in a café. Not only is it good to have a change of scenery, it's also an opportunity to people watch and eavesdrop. You never know what interesting tales and drama you will overhear.

6. And if all else fails...

Make a tea, settle down on the couch and wrap up nice and warm. If it’s rainy and miserable outside, it's the perfect weather to get started with your writing. Snuggle up warm, make a pot of tea and put on some relaxed music. You’ll start your creative writing in no time. Check our our other blog articles for inspiration.

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