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How to use Coupon Codes to create more sales

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November 17, 2022
Blog|Marketing tips

Did you know you can create coupon codes for your customers and decide the percentage or fixed amount of discount they will get? Coupons are a handy tool to promote your publications. You can use them on special occasions (like holidays or a new edition release), leverage them to start contests or giveaways and much more! In this blog, you can read how to create a coupon code and how to use it in your campaigns.

How to create coupon codes

You can create coupon codes by following a series of simple steps:1. Log in to your Peecho account and go to your personal dashboard.2. Click on the gear wheel in the top menu and then on ‘’Coupons’’ in the drop down menu.


3. You can create coupons here. To create coupons, you need credit. Click on ‘’credit’’ to buy credit and click on ‘’+Create coupons’’ to create coupons.


4. Create a new coupon code. You can choose your discount amount, the coupon text and set a limit for the amount of time you want your coupon to be valid for. It's also possible to set a maximum quantity of times the coupon code is valid for.

Use the Coupon Codes

Now that you’ve created your coupon codes, you can start implementing some clever campaigns. Below, I will discuss 4 ways to increase the amount of sales by using coupon codes. 1. Convince new customers to buy somethingIn the process of convincing new customers to place an order, a discount can push them over the edge. You can create a banner on your website with the text: ‘’Order today and get 10% off’’. You can also create ads on Facebook and Twitter and target them at people that might be interested in your product. Make sure your ad text is appealing and add an image that enhances your message. Use hashtags to define the subject that your message is about. If you have an email list of potential customers, you can send them the coupon code by email. Mentioning the discount in the subject line will increase the chance that more people will open the email. 2. Connect the coupon code to an eventWhen Valentine's Day, Christmas or summer are coming up, take the opportunity to set up a marketing campaign. Celebrate these events by giving your customers a discount. When you create a Peecho coupon code, you can change the code yourself. For Valentine’s day you might like to change the code into LOVEDISCOUNT<3, and for your Christmas campaign you might want the code to be CHRISTMAS2015. Promote your campaigns via your website, social media and email.


3. Codes for those who placed an orderAnother reason to send someone a coupon code is because they already ordered one of your products. The fact that they ordered one of your products before shows that they are interested in what you offer. The chance that they will order again is slightly bigger than with someone that never ordered before. Send them the coupon code right after they ordered something if you have interesting products for them available. You can also wait until your next magazine issue is out, for example, and send them an email to let them know they can order it with at a discounted rate. 4. Create urgencyWhen your customers consider buying one of your products, they might think: ‘’I will buy it later’’. Policies delayed are policies denied. If you create urgency in buying your product, you might have more certainty that they will actually buy it. Mention the expiration date when you send out coupon codes. For example: ‘’20% off if you order today!’’ or ‘’the coupon code is valid until the end of the week!’’ 5. Track the statistics of your campaignsMake sure that you report the results of the campaigns you run around coupon codes. How many people used the coupon code and how many of them returned for another order? When you find out your Valentine’s campaign has been very successful, you might want to do it again next year and/ or use the learnings for other campaigns.Do you need help with your coupon codes? Send us an email or call (+31638445117) us!

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