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How to self-publish while having a full-time job

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November 17, 2022

It is actually like having two jobs: self-publishing while having a full-time position. It is not impossible: many Peecho users do it with success. There are some things that you can do to make your days as efficient as possible and even have some time left. Read these tips and become a multitasking star!

1. Always make sure you bring your phone or a notebook

Never leave your house without bringing something to write your ideas in. It is hard to recall all the brilliant ideas you had in a day when the day is over.. You can write everything down digitally (on your phone, tablet or laptop), or the old fashioned way with a notebook and a pen.

self-publish while having a full-time job

2. Utilize all spare moments during your days

There are many moments in a day that seem useless but are actually not. When you are waiting for your computer to update the system, while you are travelling to work with public transport or when you are sitting in the dentist’s waiting room: you just need to make use of these moments. Use these breaks to answer your emails, make a planning or write stuff down. It can save you a lot of time!

3. Do what you can and don’t be too hard on yourself

In times that you are very busy with your full-time job, do not be too perfectionist in your self-publishing tasks. Just do what you can and take good care of yourself. The last thing you want is getting a burnout and having to stop with your self-pub business.

4. Let daily job-situations inspire you in self-publishing

In everything you do, notice everything. Observe the environment, people and conversations. It will give you a lot of ideas for your next self-published book or magazine. Seemingly boring business meetings suddenly become a huge inspiration.

5. Let Peecho take care of the production, shipping and customer service for free

When self-publishing via Peecho, you don’t have to think about printing the book, sending it to your customers and handling the customer service. Peecho takes care of everything while you are busy with your other job.

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