How to Self-Publish a book or magazine for free: digital and print on demand

As a writer, you want to focus on words, sentences and new stories. You don’t want to worry about bleed marks, payment methods, production, distribution and customer service. That’s why Peecho created a special service for self-publishers. It is free and you can make money as an independent publisher. The only thing you need is one digital document. We will turn PDF files into beautiful professional book or magazine prints. We also offer the option to sell your document as a digital book or magazine. Read more below to find out if Peecho is the self-pub solution for you!

How does it work?

It may sound too good be be true but we can assure you, the service is free and there are no hidden fees. Just upload your PDF file and use the print link, print button or WordPress plugin (you can read more about these options below) to sell your book or magazine. You can set the profit of your publication yourself and you can choose if you want to offer it as a digital file, magazine, softcover book, hardcover book, or all of the options. When someone buys your book or magazine, we will take care of the production, shipping and customer service. The profit is yours!

Options to sell your book or magazine

If you want to self-publish your book via Peecho, you have three options:1. The free Print LinkThis is probably the easiest way to sell your book. Just upload your file, and copy your personal print link. Paste it into a social media post (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube etc.), an e-mail or your newsletter. Your readers can click on the print link and they will be able to buy a print of your book or magazine.2. The free Print buttonIf you have your own website, this is a great solution for you. Just upload your file, copy your personal piece of code and paste it into your website. A Print button will be visible on your website. People can click on it to get your book or magazine.3. The free WordPress pluginDo you have a WordPress plugin and do you have digital content to sell? We developed a WordPress plugin to make your life easier. By downloading the Peecho WordPress plugin, you can easily place a print button on your WordPress website to sell your digital content.Do you want to start self-publishing your book or magazine for free? Get started and get your first sample with 50% discount. We are always available for questions or help: email us or give us a call +31638445117.


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