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How TheDogMagazine sells their print on demand magazine



One of the advantages of print on demand is that magazines with specific subjects also get a chance to exist. These magazines can survive because they don’t have to pay for production costs before they have sold anything. With print on demand, the magazine only gets printed when an order is received. And because of the internet, people from all over the world who are interested in these specific topics, are able to buy these magazine prints.


TheDogMagazine is an example of a print on demand magazine with a specific topic: dogs. Every month they feature a different breed. Editor Ewa Larsson tells us more about this special magazine.


1. Can you tell me something about yourself?”My name is Ewa Larsson. I breed and show Bulldogs under affix Britisher Show Bulldogs. I established a kennel in 1992 which is situated in Canterbury, England. My bulldogs live with me inside my house and are raised in a loving environment as one of the family. I believe this approach is reflected in the behaviour of my dogs. Health, a correct temperament and dogs of the highest quality are my goal. Since 2015 I work as an editor & designer for TheDogMagazine.”














2. When and why did TheDogMagazine start?”TheDogMagazine has started in January 2015. Our goal is to promote responsible breeding & dog ownership and to encourage ethical conduct and responsible breeding of our pure bred dogs.

Our vision is to help promote responsible pet ownership, we make it our goal to provide up to date and honest information every dog owner should know.”

3. What is the magazine about?”Each month we feature a different breed. Previous issues were about Rottweilers, Jack Russel Terriers and Pugs for example.”







4. Where do you get your inspiration from?”Inspiration? For me design came naturally, it’s like to switch the tap with water, it just flows. I find the inspiration everywhere, but most of the time during my walks with the dogs or when I drive my car. I have an extensive Art School background with many years of training in formal art and techniques, as well as substantial computer and web design knowledge. I specialize in eye-catching, high quality adverts which “stand out from the crowd”.”







5. How did you find out about Peecho?”We have been doing quite a lot research and put a lot of time in finding a company who would match our goal and high standards. We have approached many companies around Europe, asked for printed samples to compare the quality and Peecho came out on top there.”6. Why is Peecho a convenient solution for you?”We love the fact that the whole process is so easy both for the publisher -us- and for the customer who orders the magazine. Seen from our point of view, it only takes a few clicks and the magazine is uploaded and ready for print! From a customer point of view it takes a few seconds to fill in the shipping address details and the magazine is ordered. The customer gets an email verification and confirmation and once the magazine is shipped another email is sent to the customer telling them their magazine is on the way! Perfect service. We are very satisfied with the service Peecho provides us and therefore our next project, -a magazine which will be dedicated to 1 breed- the Cane corso, will be printed with Peechoo too! This magazine will be published 3 times per year.”

7. Who are your customers?”Our customers are dog owners, dog breeders, handlers, groomers, trainers , judges and pet people who share the same passion- the love for dogs. We have advertisers and clients from around the world.”

8. How do your promote the option of getting a print of your magazines?”We share the print link via social media and Facebook. Our customers just have to click on the print link and they can get our magazine in print.”

You can find everything about TheDogMagazine on For more information about Ewa, you can visit her websites and


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