Highlights 2015

All together a great year for Peecho. A total of 10 new people joined the Peecho flock, a Peecho baby was born and we received our 100,000th order. We want to thank colleagues, partners, suppliers, investors and above all our valued publishers/ creatives/ customers that put their trust in Peecho on a daily basis. Thank you!

January: after many requests, we launched a new feature: adding a title to your spine.

March: Peecho raised funding from existing investors Peak Capital and Sumis Company and a strategic partner in the industry, Printforce.

June: we welcomed 4 new employees! Kenneth (onboarding specialist), Jolien (online marketer), Ioanna (customer happiness) and Mark (growth hacker).

August: we welcomed two engineers to the team: Piotr and Thiago.

September:  our new dev team created a new feature: customize your checkout.

November: we received our 100,000th order, we launched a new feature: sell digital publications and we welcomed 3 growth hackers to the Peecho team: Job, Priscilla and Ebel!

December: we launched our new website and we welcomed a new customer happiness employee to the team: Lori!

We are looking forward to continue our journey in 2016 to help more publishers and creatives to distribute and fund their creative work.

On behalf of the whole Peecho team, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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