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Happy new year!

Peecho wishes you all the best in 2011. Really, we do.

For those of you who just tuned in, we added a quick recap of 2010. For
the really determined, there is a preview of next year, too.

About 2010

The past year has been absolutely fantastic. After all, it was our first.

  • The initial few months, our
     worked really hard to get Peecho up and running. Kudos
    to all of you!

  • In April, our SaaS platform Printcloud was launched at TheNextWeb
    conference. We even won an award there,

  • In the months after that, open source example
     were released for iPhone, Flex, Android and PHP. At
    the same time, we deployed AIR software to connect with print

  • During summer, our first
    launched their own apps, as well as a few that are
    currently in stealth mode. Hush-hush.

  • In November, we moved to our first official office at Rokin
    , Amsterdam.

By the end of the year, Printcloud succesfully routed production orders
for postcards, greeting cards, magazines and photo books to facilities
as far as China.

What’s next

The upcoming year is going to be even better, we believe. Here are just
a few random highlights of what is coming up in 2011:

  • Life will become easier for our customers, print facilities and us
    because of lots of new self-service features.

  • New, prettier print facility software will be released, that will make
    it really simple for facilities to automate their connection to
    Printcloud and do the associated status updates.

  • Printcloud will allow applications to manipulate a product template
    before adding variable data to it. This means that you can completely
    any product.

  • Pretty soon, Printcloud will support full PDF document intake. This is
    great for many applications that already host PDF data.

To be honest, we didn’t tell you everything yet. The best is still to
come. Stealth is overrated, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise
for you guys. Stay tuned!


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