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From Self-Taught Artist to International Success: An Interview with Andrea C. White

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November 15, 2023

Join us in a fascinating conversation with digital artist Andrea C. White, as we explore her artistic journey, her passion for fan art, and how she found her path to success through Peecho’s platform. Andrea's story is not only inspiring but a true testament to the ability of art to connect people from all corners of the world.

A Humble Beginning

Andrea embarked on her artistic adventure in 2016. With no formal training, she armed herself with a digital drawing tablet and Photoshop, kicking off her creative journey as a form of personal therapy. Art became her way of coping with life's highs and lows.

Fan Art: A Path to Success

Andrea discovered her niche in fan art, with a particular focus on creating captivating portraits. Her work not only showcases her remarkable talent but also her deep love for the characters and shows that inspire her. Fan art, she found, resonated more profoundly with her audience than her original pieces. People are drawn to the familiar, the characters they cherish, and Andrea's art breathes new life into these beloved figures.

"I do it simply because I love it," Andrea emphasized, underscoring her passion as the driving force behind her work. The fact that her audience connects with her creations is a nice bonus.

Andrea's fan art journey has been nothing short of remarkable, “I started selling in September of 2019," she recalled. Since then, she has embarked on a creative odyssey, producing a diverse array of art books, portraying shows like The Last of Us and Good Omens.

Her dedication to her craft shines through as she shared her future plans. "I'm planning to create more," she enthused. "Perhaps another one soon, once I've gathered enough art. I've recently crafted a book to coincide with the new season of Good Omens, and it's been met with a warm reception."

Peecho: Transforming Digital Art into Tangible Masterpieces

Andrea's journey took an interesting turn when her fan art started getting attention, leading to requests for physical copies. Fans wanted to hold her art in their hands, transforming her digital creations into tangible works of art. The challenge was finding an efficient way to make this happen, especially considering Andrea's base in Croatia, while most of her fans resided in the US, UK, and Australia.

This is where Peecho entered the scene. Andrea discovered it while searching for a print-on-demand service that could cater to her unique needs. Peecho not only enables her to bring her creative vision to life in book form but also relieves her of the burdens of handling the printing, shipping logistics, and checkout processes. This freedom allows Andrea to maintain her focus on her artistic passion while Peecho handles all the operational hassle. This was a game-changer for Andrea, making her art accessible to fans around the world.

International Success

Andrea's art has found its way into the homes of fans around the world. Most of her orders come from the US, but she also ships to Australia, the UK, Germany, and other countries. Her art, primarily centered on Western media, has cultivated a strong following in these regions. She's found her niche, and it's truly remarkable how her artistic journey, which began in a small Croatian town, has led to international acclaim.

The Importance of Quality

Andrea spoke highly of Peecho's quality, emphasizing that the platform has greatly impacted her as an artist. The straightforward ordering and payment process, along with exceptional customer support, have enabled her to focus on her art.  This commitment to quality adds peace of mind for artists like Andrea, who value the details in their work.

"I've noticed that there's also a system in place where orders are checked, particularly for more substantial or expensive orders. This includes new publications that haven't been printed before. As someone who tends to overthink and be anxious about every detail, having an additional check before going to print is invaluable."

Peecho's thorough quality control ensures that every creation meets the highest standards, offering both artists and their customers the confidence that their art will be flawlessly reproduced.

The Road Ahead

Andrea isn't just a creator of fan art; she has also ventured into book cover design and other artistic projects, including collaborations with renowned publishers like Penguin Random House and creating large prints for Sideshow Collectibles. Her portfolio continues to expand, and with her global reach, her future in the art world looks promising.

In a world where art has the power to unite people across borders, Andrea C. White's journey is an inspiring testament to the importance of pursuing one's passion. Through fan art, Peecho, and her boundless creativity, Andrea has transformed her hobby into a full-time career that brings joy to fans around the world. Her story serves as a reminder that talent, dedication, and a love for what you do can lead to unimaginable success.

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