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Fresh Marketing Inspiration for 2024: Three Key Trends for Business Success

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January 15, 2024

Looking for ways to up your marketing game in 2024? We’re diving into 3 big marketing trends for inspiration, plus real-world examples of how companies across the globe are leveraging print on demand to put them into action.

AI Meets Print: Dawn of a New Era

The wildfire spread of tools like ChatGPT and other AI technologies in 2023 made it clear: AI is here to stay. And that’s a good thing: it can seriously boost your audience’s brand experience by offering personalized customer engagement, and at the same time make your marketing processes more efficient. It also opens up a world of AI-powered business opportunities.

One example of a company harnessing the power of AI is They create custom children’s books with pictures their customers provide. Users can choose a preset story for their child, select and upload a few photos of them, tweak and crop here and there, and boom! AI will generate a fully customized book in lush colors, that’ll keep the little ones spellbound until the very last page. That’s what we call a bedtime story.

Another AI-powered business is They offer a service where people can upload images, and AI will generate a coloring book based on them. This way, children can spend hours coloring pictures of their family and friends. Talk about hyper-personalization (see Trend #2)!

AI can truly boost your (print) marketing game. Not just by taking over yawn-inducing jobs like updating names and addresses on direct mailings. It can tell you what your customers want before they even know it, thanks to predictive analytics. And every design can be a hit through AI-driven tweaks. It’s no longer just about easing the workload; it’s opening doors to a new era.

Increased Importance of Personalization

The personalization trend for 2024 sees marketers zoom-in further on their target audience: Who are they, and what are their preferences and needs? When online channels saturate your customers with content, personalized marketing is a survival tactic rather than a trend. Gitnux highlights its critical importance:

And personalized print marketing might just be what your business needs to cut through the online clutter.

For instance, direct mail campaigns boast open rates as high as 80-90%, far surpassing the around 20% average for emails. And personalized direct mail campaigns see a 135% increase in response rates as opposed to non-personalized campaigns (

One of Peecho’s clients using this knowledge to their advantage is PastBook. This Instant Photo Product Maker sends personalized welcome packages to new customers. It makes people feel seen and treated as human beings. At the same time, you can save oceans of time if you optimize the design process through AI; changing personal information such as names and addresses with the click of a button, the whole welcome package is geared towards the new customer. With Peecho’s optimized print process, they’re sure that their gift is printed in high quality and reaches the new sign-up at a time when the initial meeting is still fresh in the new clients’ minds.

The hospitality industry is another major market for personalized print applications. Let’s say a hotel guest happens to be celebrating their birthday during their stay. With print-on-demand service, a hotel can quickly print a personalized birthday card, tailored to the guest’s special day. On the big day, there’s a knock on the door, and a member of staff presents a bottle of Cava with a personalized well-wishing birthday card. Quick, simple, and highly effective. All the more because there’s a good chance that the guest will share a picture of their experience on social media. Free publicity, and more esteem for your hotel.

The takeaway is clear: consumers are flooded daily with generic content, so personalized marketing - whether through digital or physical channels - offers a breath of fresh air. This not only strengthens brand perception but also deepens your connection with your customers.

B(u)y the Numbers: Sustainability Shifts

Although sustainability can hardly be called a “trend”, we’re listing it here due to its continued growing importance. It’s not just the environment that would benefit from more sustainable choices from us, as sustainability trend watcher shows in a study conducted in 2023:

One of the most sustainable choices you can make in print marketing is shifting to print-on-demand. By ordering precise numbers, you’ll prevent overprinting and waste, and the emissions that this involves.

Speaking of locally produced products: Peecho continues to expand its network of affiliated printers around the world, so you can print close to where you need it. We are now active in over 62 countries, and constantly negotiating terms with new print shops. Our latest country additions are Switzerland and the UK, and more print shops have joined Peecho in countries we had already covered.

Increased coverage means shorter transportation routes between the print shop and the place where you need your print. Besides speeding up delivery, it vastly reduces CO2 emissions, making printing with Peecho a sustainable and efficient choice. 

We’re happy to show you how eco-friendly practices and print marketing can go hand in hand.

Want to future-proof your (print) marketing game? Whether it's exploring innovative AI business opportunities, leveraging the power of personalization, or committing to sustainability, we're here to guide you.

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