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Fashionable ánd sustainable: print on demand publication Trend Privé Magazine

It sounds impossible, but Trend Privé Magazine (TPM) can tell you how to do it: combining a fashionable lifestyle with a humanitarian and eco mindset. TPM is a sustainable, luxury, fashion and artist magazine that is digitally available and in print on demand. Their aim is to show the world that natural fabrics, a small footprint, good design and sustainable thinking are luxury. Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Janice Dickenson: every issue contains contributors from all over the world that talk about new humanitarian causes. CEO Catalina Magee tells us more about this innovative magazine.

1.    Can you tell me something about yourself?

My name is Catalina Magee and I am the CEO of Trend Privé Magazine and the Editor-in-Chief of the Backstage Collections Magazine. I am a Romanian born American, who lived mostly in Italy and Germany and I am currently residing in Israel.

In Italy I worked as a fashion model and developed my passion for photography and styling. In 2006, I moved to The States and started working as a make-up artist. In The States I also started acting. Later on, I moved to Germany and started working for the US Army, organizing, hosting and planning events. In Germany I also founded Trend Privé Magazine.
Obviously, when I don’t create in front of the camera, I need to create behind it.

My passion to create has no limits, therefore I am truly and forever grateful to all the people that I have been blessed to work with and without them, I would have never got to where I am now, therefore I would have never discovered so many things about myself and about this big, wonderful and creative industry.

2.    When and why did you start with your magazine?

Trend Privé Magazine debuted in June 2013. Since then, we achieved a stronghold in the print market, reaching a status level with the most iconic artists, celebrities, and titles.

The main idea was to build an international community with a game changing vision.

Why did I start the magazine?

I care to inspire, to bring awareness worldwide, to connect with artists worldwide, to educate, to stay unique and maintain a progressive spirit.

Trend Privé Magazine embraces a humanitarian stance and packages it for a fashion forward crowd, not just as an avenue for promoting products, but as a way to give our artists and readers the permission to stand up for their values without being labeled negatively.

We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in helping and paying it forward. The way we challenge the status quo, is by selecting responsible artists/ brands/ companies and promoting them. The sales of our print magazine are donated to different humanitarian causes.

We understand that often the best way to affect change is from within and with our collective experience in high end lifestyle, we see all the time that this is the tier of society that can affect the most change the fastest. By appealing to an established community in a language they understand, we can guide a new perspective into a currently damaging and toxic but pervasive industry.

Why do we care?

Because our magazine is based on loyalty and paying it forward and most of all, because we believe in a better world. We promote artists across all mediums at the center of creativity, fashion, music, film and art.,And we are artists, too.

 3.    What is the magazine about?

In just a few words, the magazine is about a luxury, humane, sustainable and positive lifestyle. We don’t promote just anything and everything, but we truly care about the selected brands, companies and artists that we choose.
Our goal is to do business with these artists, companies and brands who believe what we believe, and maintain a high standard for how they get their message across.

4.    Where do you get your inspiration from?


5.      How did you find out about Peecho?

Google. That is my best friend nowadays.

6.    Why is Peecho a convenient solution for you?

I love Peecho’s customer service, their packaging, quick delivery and most of all, their many awesome printing options, including the pocket-size magazines. They are adorable and so much easier to carry, especially since nobody really walks around with a huge purse in 2016 anymore.

 7.    Who are your customers?

Our readers are the originals in the creative community. They are the visionary, the artistic, and the inventors in their choice of personal attire and daily hobbies.
The artist, innovative, collector, professional and socialite: altogether look to Trend Privé Magazine for creative inspiration.
Our readers are compassionate, visionary, intelligent, technically literate, well-groomed individuals, who are members of the global community, prefer quality and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.
At work or in a social setting, they value multiple accesses to the media, notably on the move. They are constantly re-inventing, creating, wanting to be at the pulse of the latest cultural event, social trend or celebrity activity, and making waves in a creative and sustainable movement.


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