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Famous paintings in your living room: An interview with Peecho user Klaas

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November 17, 2022
Art & Photography

A painting of Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet or Rembrandt van Rijn in your living room. Who wouldn’t want that? One1000paintings makes it possible to order the most famous paintings from museums worldwide on poster or canvas. The quality of the prints is almost better than the quality of the original ones!

Klaas de Jong from the Netherlands is the owner of the website His life is all about art: ‘’I am an art historian and work as an editor at the Amsterdam University of the Arts,’’ Klaas says. ‘’I’m very interested in art in relation to reproduction techniques. In the 20th century it became possible to produce color reproductions of existing artworks that somewhat approached the originals. With today's digital printing techniques, Peecho makes it possible to provide high quality canvasses and posters of famous artworks.’’

According to Klaas, these prints and posters are the next step in the history of art reproduction. ‘’The difference between the original and the reproduction is getting smaller and has actually been reduced to a minimum. For your personal art experience there is hardly any difference whether you look at the original on a museum wall, or at a Peecho canvas on the wall in your own living room.’’

‘’Besides digital printing, I'm also fascinated with the developments related to Creative Commons and image rights,’’ Klaas says. ‘’More and more museums offer the works from their collection digitally, often in high resolution, and they promote the reuse. After all, art belongs to all of us. Just think of the Rijksmuseum. On their website, everyone can download a digital file of a Rembrandt painting and use it as a pattern for a curtain or a tattoo - if you dare.’’

The wide range of paintings that are available online, makes it possible to consider yourself a curator and to make your own digital museum. is Klaas’ personal museum. He put together the paintings expertly and carefully. In the collection you will find a special section on Dutch masters with highlights from the Dutch history of art. From Van Gogh to Mondriaan and Rembrandt to Vermeer. All the website visitors have the opportunity to order a high-quality poster or canvas of the beautiful paintings that were selected. According to Klaas, Peecho provides a suitable platform for this initiative with high quality products and great support and advice.

One of the target groups of one1000paintings are tourists who visit Amsterdam and the Netherlands. They no longer have to lug with posters and canvases. They can now order their art souvenir online at, and find their favorite piece of art on their doormat when they return home. Do you want to know more about Contact Klaas. Do you also want to sell your digital files as prints on demand via Peecho? Contact us.

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