Deloitte prints their Global Economic Outlook with Peecho

is a renowned brand that provides consulting, financial advisory, risk
management and tax services through a global network of independent
firms. These firms make up one of the most trusted professional services
networks in the world. Four times a year, Deloitte research publishes
the Global
Economic Outlook
, a report that examines the most crucial economic
developments and trends worldwide. We’re pleased to announce that
Deloitte is experimenting with cloud printing for the release of their
latest Global Economic Outlook, using Peecho
to provide hard copies for their readers.

A socially responsible company

Every day, Deloitte makes significant contributions to the effectiveness
of companies, industries, and markets across the globe, helping to
promote job creation and economic growth. The company is also known for
sponsoring education and capacity building initiatives among youth
worldwide. Besides this, Deloitte is a founding member of the World
Business Council for Sustainable Development
, playing an active part
in conversations about sustainability and economic prosperity.

Innovation and Sustainability

Deloitte believes that companies need to strive for better environmental
footprints to secure a viable future for the rest of society. Therefore,
they take the lead in implementing sustainable business solutions
in-house. Their choice to experiment with cloud printing attests to this
commitment. Cloud printing enables companies to print only on demand,
thereby avoiding unnecessary printing and paper waste all together.

Deloitte is also constantly developing innovative ways to do business
and stay in touch with their (potential) customers. Peecho’s print on
demand solution allows the company to experiment with new technologies
and cater to customers that prefer to do their reading in print. The
first results are very promising and we’re thrilled to hear that
Deloitte would like to continue working with Peecho in the future!


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