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Bria Kiara, a budding journalist, has launched her brand new day.dreamers magazine for creatives interested in film, writing and art. Aiming to change, influence and impact, day.dreamers started after Bria graduated from college in 2016 and this one-woman operation is going strong. Read our interview with Bria and find out why she uses Peecho.

1) What is day·dreamers mag?

day·dreamers magazine is an online and print magazine for day·dreamers in the worlds of writing, film and art. It is the first magazine for day·dreamers worldwide.ddman

2) Who are the people behind day·dreamers magazine?

Right now, day·dreamers is a one-woman operation. I seek out creative help for projects such as editorials and interviews from freelance photographers, stylists, models and makeup artists. day·dreamers is for the people, so collaborating with dreamy creatives is always a plus to this job.

3) You just launched your First Edition! How did day·dreamers magazine begin?

Yes, I did! It’s been such a great year for day·dreamers. It’s wild to think just last year I launched the online magazine, now we’re in print! I started the magazine, in the fall, after graduation. I graduated from Penn State University in May 2016 with a B.A. in Journalism. I was ready to take on the world as a journalist. Despite my passion and talent, it was hard finding a job where I could express and challenge my creativity.After the summertime ended, I started making day·dreamers a reality. I knew I wanted to cover events in the local arts scene and interview creatives I found there. I soon realized I was creating a magazine full of everything day·dreamers care about: writing, art and film. All three artistic elements of change, influence, impact.

4) Tell us something people won’t know about day·dreamers magazine 

Well, most people seem to be pretty surprised that I’m only 23-years-old. I meet a lot of different people offline from Twitter & Instagram. So, when they first meet me, they’re surprised I’m the same age as them or younger. I guess the professionalism of my brand makes me seem older than I am — which isn’t a complaint. ddwomen

5) What is your Peecho Story?

My Peecho Story is very deliberate. I knew I was looking for a service like Peecho, but I just wasn’t sure if it actually existed. I found a few similar services, but they all came with deal breakers. I started looking at some of the indie magazines I enjoy, to find their publisher’s information. I soon discovered Peecho through that method. I use Peecho to sell print copies of my magazine issues to those who are interested in an escape from everyday life. Printing on demand copies is convenient for the level I’m on since it’s just me for right now.

6) What does the future hold for day·dreamers magazine?

I hope the future for day·dreamers is bright. More than anything, I want the word about this magazine to find its rightful audience — dreamers, lovers and weirdos. I plan to publish one hundred more issues and work with photographers, models, makeup artists and stylists from all over the world. I definitely would love to curate more offline events so people can get a feel of us on a personal level.Ready to start your journey with Peecho? Make an account with Peecho, upload your PDF and begin.

Lachlan Hicks

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