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Camerapixo: a magazine by and for photographers

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November 17, 2022
Blog|Peecho publishers

In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. Truly powerful photography is simply about finding the right moment to capture. Published photos tell a story, grip our hearts, stir our curiosity. Anetta and Artur Heller decided to start a magazine that would share these evocative stories with the world. Together, they founded Camerapixo, an independent photography publication that showcases the creative work of thousands of photographers from around the globe. Camerapixo is now working with Peecho to offer printed editions of their publication. In this interview, we chat with Anetta and Artur about their mission, their growth and their view on print on demand.

How did your idea for a photography magazine develop?

We are two people with creative minds who have a shared passion for travel and photography. The idea to start a magazine came from our needs. We wished to give photographers like ourselves a platform for self-motivation. A place that would help us push ourselves to produce an award-winning image. Furthermore, a place where we could share the depth and emotion, the memories and the uniqueness of each photograph with the rest of the world.

You’ve grown from that simple idea to a publication with more than 200,000 readers worldwide. That’s fantastic! How did you achieve this?

Social media has played a tremendous role. We think that the best advertising is word of mouth, and we’ve certainly benefited from that. Camerapixo is dedicated to supporting and cultivating photographic culture and social media has allowed us to move this vision forward and reach a global audience.

How do you select which photographers to feature?

Hundreds of photographers submit their entries for every issue. Most of them are very talented artists. We carefully review each submission and choose images with vision. We also pay close attention to the technique used and have different categories for professional and amateur photography. However, we do "headhunt" for inspiring photographers ourselves sometimes. You can check if we have any submissions open on this page:

You recently decided to offer printed editions on demand. Can you tell us what drove you to this decision?

That's quite simple. A printed version is something that will always hold its value. In today's digital world, print is more personal. Take it to a meeting with a client or job interview, it will not only boost your confidence and provide you with amazing job opportunities, it will help you grow your personal brand as you become recognized as an expert in your field. We chose print on demand (instead of offset) because it's way more flexible and there is no need to order hundreds of copies in advance. We understand that this option is more expensive, but it’s also more exclusive and production is much faster. Camerapixo is totally independent, so we prefer easy solutions. This is all possible thanks to Peecho.

Where can readers find your print issues and how are your readers reacting to it so far?

You can order copies directly from our website. Thanks to print on demand, we have the ability to prepare each issue with six or more different front covers to choose from. We can offer more options for readers and photographers, but that's not all. We offer glossy and matte covers. The feedback we receive from photographers and readers who ordered the magazine is amazing. They love the print quality and design. Join the Camerapixo community on Facebook or visit their site for photography resources and inspiration.

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