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BELLO mag: the digital phenomenon more and more people read in print

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November 17, 2022
Blog|Peecho publishers

With over 5 million reads per issue, BELLO mag is the biggest and the most popular digital Fashion and Entertainment publication on the internet. BELLO mag represents different and original voices from all over the world to show diversity. They show what the real world is actually like, while at the same time they refer to the greatness and beauty of our world. The magazine became a phenomenon in the digital world first, but is now also leaking into print. Co-creator Aleksandar Tomovic tells us more about the magazine and using Peecho to sell the magazine in print.

About 8 years ago, Aleksandar Tomovic and Stephane Marquet created BELLO mag out of a need to have a publication in which they could feature art the way they would like people to see it. That little project became a publication featuring almost everyone that means something in Hollywood. ’’We originally created our own platform to publish the magazine on,’’ Aleksandar says. ‘’But that was taking too much work and time. We started looking around and after many experiences, we ended having a great app on all of the devices, started developing social media, and decided to go weekly in a world where any news lasts for only a few days. In the meantime we moved from Paris to Los Angeles to be able to work with our amazing team, lead by our Executive Director and partner Leslie Alejandro.’’

‘’When we started BELLO mag, it was meant to be a Lifestyle Alphabet for Modern Man. That is what we were working on for at least first 2 years. When we realized that most of our readership is female, we saw the opportunity to create a unisex magazine about Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty. We also by chance became known for discovering the next stars in Hollywood and putting them on the cover (being the first magazine to have Gina Rodriguez featured on the cover right before she won her Golden Globe, is just one example). Our editors work hard to stay on the pulse of what is great and what is new, and we actually try to always stay true to ourselves and only write about and show the things we truly like and believe in.’

BELLO mag uses Peecho to sell their magazine hard copies straight from their own website. It is a great solution for Aleksandar and Stephane: ‘’First because it ships everywhere, it is very simple to use, and the team understands that they have to be price conscious in a world where most of the magazines are disappearing. Peecho gives all of those living in this digital era the privilege to enjoy something that lasts more than 136 characters or a few minutes of attention.’’

‘’We tend to have the best results with teenagers who want to have their favorite actor’s cover in their hands. But there are no rules, and that is what is great about running a magazine; we get surprised most of the time, and we allow ourselves to take risks constantly, to be different and show people many more faces of entertainment, fashion, young Hollywood and beauty.’’

To let people know they can get the magazine in print, there is a banner inside the BELLO mag app, on their website and on their social media accounts. But where Aleksandar sees the best results is word of mouth: ‘’There is no better place for that than Internet.’

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