The creative curiosity behind Audiation Magazine

Inspired by uniqueness, daring fashion and incredible music, Audiation Magazine celebrates individualism and creativity. Read our interview with Ruby, Editor and Owner of Audiation Magazine, and find out what drives her and the musical and creative interests of Audiation Magazine.

1. Can you tell me something about yourself? 

Hi I’m Ruby, the owner of Audiation Magazine Ltd. I am a self-starter, inspired by those who are unique and doing innovational things each day.

8march20162. When and why did you start Audiation Magazine?


The company was first founded early 2014 with a blogging friend of mine, our platforms helped to promote new music and we decided to pull that altogether into one magazine publication.


3. What is Audiation Magazine about?


Audiation Magazine is really about inspiring the creative arts passion and opening that further into every day life because each aspect can be something beautiful. From amazing music to daring fashion or eye-opening films – we try to see and expose the creative element in various forms with the core theme being music.


4. How did you find out about Peecho’s print options?

Research. I found that many digital publishing outlets such as Joomag and Issuu use the Peecho service so I delved in from there.

5. Why is Peecho the solution for you?


Easy. Friendly. Customisable. Peecho allows a lot of flexibility in what you can do for printing publications. Extra options are a bonus, digital pdfs as well as art – canvas, posters etc. That really opens up a whole new aspect for us.


6. Who are your customers and how do you promote the option to get a print?


Our fabulous customers are those who really support our brand and we thank each one of them. They range between featured artists to people who enjoy arts. We promote the print options via our buttons on our website as well as sharing the links in our magazine and through our networks.Head to Audiation Magazine’s website to find out more! Want to start your Peecho journey? Make an account with Peecho, upload your digital file and begin.

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