Artists and developers rejoice! Our Simple Print Service and API are now free of charge

To celebrate the launch of our new art gallery feature, the Simple Print Service will be entirely free to use from now on. This means that if you are an artist, photographer or designer, you can  publish and sell your digital content on a beautiful website with a built-in print shop – for free!Create a Peecho account to get started. After this, you can upload your images and publish them to your own Simple Print Service gallery website in just a few clicks. You can use your own branding, texts and even your own domain name.The built-in print shop is connected to the Peecho cloud print network. This means that the wall decoration that you are selling will be of top-notch quality, whether it is a canvas, aluminium print, gallery print or a poster.Our pricing is still very straightforward: you can set your own retail price above our wholesale prices. The difference between this retail price and the wholesale cost is your profit – which we will pay out to you monthly. You keep the copyrights and the ownership of your content. We are just here to help you to bring your art to the world’s living rooms!

Developers rejoice

It wouldn’t be fair to just make our artists happy, so we also came up with a twist for the developer community. If you are using the Simple Print API, you can do so at zero recurring charge from now on. You will still have to maintain a pre-paid balance to pay for your orders, but the monthly cost has disappeared. So, it’s entirely pay-for-use from now on. Happy coding!Click here to get more details about our new pricing plans. Got feedback or questions? Let us know in the comments!


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