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Articulate Magazine: 
“Art accessible for everyone, and at all times”

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November 17, 2022
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What is Articulate Magazine?

Articulate Magazine is a quarterly published art magazine of contemporary art. It functions like a platform for contemporary professionals, where the artists can collaborate, share experiences, and discuss common issues.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, Articulate was founded in 2014, and it is driven by women with great interest and passion for the art world.

The magazine is published in 3 versions: a classical printed version, a digital downloadable version, and a free blog format which invites art lovers to read about art professionals.

“Articulate stands out in today’s crowded publishing market mainly due to the concept of distributing an art service 24/7 and free of charge,” says Articulate Magazine Founder Carmen Line Hust. 

The magazine, which aims to make art more accessible, is unique in each of its versions. The blog allows the reader to interact with the artwork and the artist. And while both the blog and the downloadable digital magazine facilitate hyperlinks and bookmarks within the magazine, “the printed version is graphically unique and a serious treat,” Carmen adds.

What is the story behind Articulate Magazine?

 Articulate aims to make art accessible for everyone, and at all times. “Articulate was born out of a wish to break with the conventional way of displaying art,” Carmen tells Peecho. “Due to the digital ages, every industry has been digitalized, innovated, and upgraded, yet the art world seem stubbornly to maintain the old fashion of the audience adjusting to time: opening hours, exhibition dates, event calendars, and entrance fee.” According to Carmen, arts seems to be “exclusively for those who can afford to see it, and those who have abundance of effort to actually go and do it. If you’re in Paris, you can’t see an exhibition in Berlin.” 

Carmen’s background as an artist has made her aware of these issues, and made her react upon them, seeking solutions for her creative frustrations. After experimenting with different solutions, Carmen came up with “Articulate, not ‘only’ as a magazine, but as a concept. The concept unfolded, contains quarterly published magazines, virtual exhibitions, books, pop-up art shows, creative articles and shout outs, professional networks, and personified contact between artist and spectator.”

To the question of what excites her the most about the project, Carmen replies: “It is my daily contact and insight into the worlds of fellow creatives. I’m truly inspired by the talents of this world – so many genius ways of thinking and performing. I’m a fortunate person to witness it all.”

Why is Articulate Magazine working with Peecho?

“The magazine has no print-stock, as we want to protect the environment and meet the climatic changes caused by CO2 emissions and overconsumption,” Carmen says. “The printed magazines are on-demand (POD) and can be purchased through the website via Peecho. I came across Peecho as a partner to Issuu,” Carmen explains. “I really like how Peecho handles any request from both our and our customer’s side. Peecho is very professional and always seeks to provide a solution to any potential concern.”

Where can you find Articulate Magazine?

Articulate Magazine is available in a free online blog version, a digital version, and a printed version. If you would like to learn more about the magazine, check out the following links:

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