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Art Magazine ARTICULATE: for those who adore original awkwardness

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November 17, 2022
Blog|Peecho publishers

They provoke quality over quantity, they adore original awkwardness and they have an odd relation to synchrony. That is what ARTICULATE’s team makes their art magazine different and worth reading every page. Founder Carmen found the time to tell us more about her passion for art and how she self-publishes her art magazine via Peecho print on demand.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

‘’My name is Carmen Line Hust. I'm a European multidisciplinary artist based in Denmark and Spain. I’m also the founder, curator, designer, and publisher of the quarterly art magazine ARTICULATE.’’

2. When and why did you start ARTICULATE?

‘’The first release of ARTICULATE came in October 2014, in the aim of making an artistic platform, showing high quality content and distributing art for free using a digital interface to make it viral.’’

Art Magazine ARTCULATE

3. What is your art magazine ARTICULATE about?

‘’ARTICULATE is about contemporary art. I believe in an important feature of art is: the few and short exact descriptions of the artists, supported by image-heavy content. I chose this direction mainly as a result of my experience as an artist. I am aware of the fact that for some artists, their work speaks for itself and that some artists prefer to "speak" only in this specific language, the media they chose and that they have no wish to interfere in the viewer’s personal interpretation. Another feature in ARTICULATE is the one of the interviews, it's sort of auto-generated from the wish of the participating artists (usually one per release). This feature offers a far from standard guided tour behind the artist, or a specific theme chosen by the artist. With that in mind, I give the participating artists in ARTICULATE the choice to write about themselves and their work, to contribute with their pieces and let them speak for them, to link to their contact details or carry out a profound interview.’’

4. Why is Peecho the solution for you?

‘’Peecho gives me the opportunity to offer my readers a printed copy. Peecho has printers based in Europe, where many of ARTICULATE's readers live, which means fast delivery. The team is responsive and offers a good service.’’

5. Who are your customers and how do you promote the option to print your art magazine?

‘’My first customers were ARTICULATE's featured artists and their network. Since then, ARTICULATE has gained a larger audience of people interested or engaged in art. I promote ARTICULATE through my website and posting the current cover to my Facebook page, Behance profile, ello and Instagram linking to Issuu and Peecho.’’

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