An interview with Peecho user Colin Salmon

‘’While Peecho mediates between me and the printers, I can focus on what’s important: taking photographs!’’

Diving fans, attention please, this photographer captures the most special, colorful deep-sea animals with his camera. Lionfish, coral shrimps and sea snakes; anything goes for Peecho user Colin Salmon (yes, that’s his real name). Originally, he is from Belgium. Three years ago, he left everything behind to go on an adventure in South East Asia and later became a SCUBA dive instructor. Anytime he can, he gets into the water to practice photography. Colin always had a great interest for art. ”I’ve been playing guitar for about 20 years and studied music after high school. I also have a passion for cinema. But it was only when I started travelling that I took my first shots. I’m a self taught photographer, learning everything I know from the greatest tool available: the internet. Since I was a kid, I have always been amazed by the underwater world. Underwater TV documentaries were by far my favorite shows. Now that I have the opportunity to dip in some of the best diving locations in the world, I take my chances to bring my camera with me!”Colin received several requests from people who wanted to get his photographs in print. ‘’I’ve spent a few days looking for a printing company that ships worldwide. I came across someone mentioning Peecho on a forum and decided to give it a try. I added the print button to all my photographs on my website, it’s a great tool. Peecho is convenient for me because it offers a wider range of countries where it delivers print. While Peecho mediates between the customer, printing company and me, I can focus on my other jobs.’’Colin tries to reach fans of art and photography all over the world by using Peecho. ‘’I advertise mostly on Facebook and social networks. I also try to make my website user friendly so that it is clear and straight to the point, and customers just have to click on the link to purchase one of my photographs.’’You can check out Colin’s photography on his website.Would you like some advice on how to sell your digital content via Peecho? Contact us (kenneth@peecho.com)!


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