An interview with Dick Visser and Jessica Schaap, founders of photography book MonoPix

Portraits, street scapes, or macro photography: each edition of Monopix has a general theme which can include a wide variety of photos. MonoPix is a growing series of hardcover books with the works of international photographers, releasing a new edition every month. The February 2016 book focuses on Faces Of The World; the March edition will mostly contain Street Photography. Founders Jessica Schaap (photographer) and Dick Visser (publisher) tell us all about their photography book and using Peecho.

Photography and people have fascinated Jessica from her early childhood – but she had never combined the two, until recently. “When a dear friend suggested that I should set my passion and creativity to work, I started following classes in photography. I soon found out that I have a penchant for monochrome images (a monochrome image only includes one color, but may contain many shades). They’re soulful, they speak to me. I try to play with attention to detail and composition.” MonoPix, to her, is a great opportunity in more ways than one.

Dick Visser took the long road, when entering the world of photography: “And I feel it’s starting to pay off,” he says. After his professional education, focusing on design, layout and typography, he discovered the business side of the field by running an ad studio for five years. “Missing the artistic element, I switched to one of the major Amsterdam photo labs, where I got to work with Photoshop, refining and touching up the images of many of the great Dutch photographers. Wanting to see the bigger picture, my next step was to get involved in international advertising. As a graphic designer in an international advertising agency, I’ve been working for a number of high-end companies, with a strong personal emphasis on the visual aspect of our major productions.”

After having been involved with another Facebook photography group for over a year, Dick and Jessica wanted to take things to the next level, under their own name: ‘’On December 1, 2015, we gave MonoPix a face, a logo and an identity,’’ Dick says. ‘’Within two months we went from zero to 1900 members, ranging from semi pro to pro photographers who all appreciate the way we help them to get their work published both online and offline – and we released three awesome publications in those same two months. We are directly inspired by our members, who share the results of their passion with everyone who joins the group. Each book presents a strict selection of the works of a number of photographers, including a brief bio and their URL.’’

One of Peecho’s regular customers told Dick about the service: ‘’Even though he is involved with one of our main competitors, we still love the guy. There are many companies offering the same service, but very few of them perform at this level, in terms of print quality, flexibility, and care. We got in touch with Martijn Groot and felt at home right away. And the help desk is great, too!’’

The MonoPix books are initially bought by the photographers whose works are published – but Jessica is convinced that there’s a much bigger market for the books. ‘’The fact that they’re hard cover books, the overall layout, the quality of the works we selected, the amazing print quality, our choice of 150 grs high grade paper: It’s all there. We mainly use our MonoPix Facebook group to advertise our publications, keeping our members posted on our plans, and of course sharing lots of amazing photos, inspiring to come up with even greater pics.’’


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