A professional magazine print: your document’s journey

It can be a bit scary: uploading your precious PDF document on a website in order to get or sell magazine prints. Here at Peecho, we handle all orders online. Therefore, we understand that you might ask yourself: what happens to my PDF document and the printed magazine after we receive an order? In this blog post, we set out the whole process for you: from uploading your PDF to receiving the magazine print.

1. Upload your PDF

After uploading your PDF, your document will be stored in our locked database. We will never share it with anyone without your permission or without giving you the option to make a profit.

2. Order print

The second step of the process is the click on the print button. This can be done by you, –the person that uploaded the PDF– or by one of your customers if you let them. You can order a print for yourself in your personal dashboard. When you use the print button or print link, you can allow others to buy your magazine in print. Audiation Mag is an example of a magazine that uses the print button to sell their magazine in print, straight from their own website:We will update you on the status of your order by email.

3. File check

Your file will be checked on printability by our system first. If the system is not sure, our customer happiness team will check the PDF manually. They will check the resolution of the images and whether your content is not too close to the borders for example. If something is wrong, we will contact you by email to discuss how to optimize your file for print. If everything is allright, our system or our customer happiness girls will send your order to one of our printing facilities.

4. Best printer for you

We have a network of professional printer facilities around the globe. Our system decides which printer is most suitable for your publication. This depends on your preferences, the kind of product you order and your location. All magazines are printed by digital printers and they are perfect bound.Magazine printer

5. Delivery magazine print

When your magazine print is ready (this takes up to 4  working days), the printer hands your print over to the local delivery service. They will make sure your magazine will be delivered as soon as possible. Whether you are based in the United states, Europe or Australia or any other place in the world, your order will be delivered to your doorstep. After you received your order, we would love to hear from you what you think about your order!Magazine printDid you create a magazine and would you like to print it or sell it via print on demand? Create a Peecho account or get in touch with Kenneth (kenneth@peecho.com). He will be happy to help you out!


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