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8 things I have learned as a customer happiness employee

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November 17, 2022

Written by Ioanna Avgeri

It has only been a couple of months since I started working at Peecho and up until now not a day goes by that I don’t come across a learning opportunity. I’ve had many different jobs , and I can say with certainty that working in customer service provides skills that will empower you not only professionally but also personally. Being a Peecho means always applying our core values - customers first, be nice, improve every day– and they definitely apply when it comes to customer care. I would like to tell you about some things I have learned from working as a Customer Happiness employee at Peecho.

1. Customers first

Without our customers, we would not exist. It is as simple as that. So we put our customers first. Always. Here at Peecho I have learned that taking your time to relate to what the customer is going through and trying to understand what their problem is goes a long way to building trust with your customer and resolving any issue.

2. Be nice

We have all heard stories about angry customers, who yell and write messages in Caps Lock. In the past months I have learned that the secret recipe to resolving these situations is to not take it personally while keeping it personal. I understand that I am not being attacked personally and instead I stay nice. I always approach everyone with personal engagement so that they feel like they have access to real people, and not robots and automated responses.

3. Improve every day

Here at Peecho we are hungry for feedback. And luckily we receive a lot. I have learned how to incorporate this feedback into my work every day. This leads to constant improvement of how we behave and how we reply to our customers.

4. Writing skills

I have learned to formulate my thoughts more clearly in order to make sure that my text will come across exactly as I intend. When you only deal with people online you can’t rely on facial expressions or an understanding nod to make sure you are on the same page. Your words and the way your sentences are formulated are the only tools you have to pass on your message and your intentions. I learned to write in a professional but laid back way. Here at Peecho we hardly use smileys and exclamation marks; we try to make these pop out through our words and actions.

Ioanna and Maro and a big thumbs up!

Ioanna and Maro and a big thumbs up!

5. Only promise what you can deliver

For a customer happiness employee it can sometimes be very tempting to reply to a customer complaint by making promises that we think the customer wants to hear. However, if it turns out that we cannot keep our promises, the customer is going to be all the more disappointed. What will satisfy a customer is knowing that they can rely on us. This means being honest and kind and not choosing the easy way out. We show our customers that no matter what we will do our best to make them happy. Nothing more, nothing less.

6. Going the extra mile

It was very interesting to see how rewarding going the extra mile for a customer would be. I remember when our customer happiness guru , Alies, was working on a case with a customer who would soon be visiting Amsterdam. Their communication ended quite unusually since Alies went into a tourist guide mode and sent our customer an email with all the places and things they could do while in our city. Additionally, it is not rare that our customers have Skyped with one of us in order to guide them through the issue they were facing. Attitudes and actions like these connect you with your customers and improve the service you are providing in ways you can’t imagine.

7. Be a team player-not a proud one

Putting the customer first means that you sometimes need to recognize when you are not the right person to deal with a certain issue. Asking for help from my team members and going through possible scenarios with them before proceeding doesn’t mean that I was doing something wrong. It means that delivering happiness is a one person job as much as it is a team effort. Accepting that you can’t do everything yourself leads to better, faster and more enjoyable customer service.

8. Be engaged.

In the past months I have learned that in order to be motivated you have to like what you do. I love happy people, art and technology. Peecho combines all three and this makes it super easy for me to strive for better customer service every day. Being included in what is going on with our products, the company’s progress, the struggles of other employees and people we work with helps me stay engaged in what I do.

Got some other tips and tricks you use to foster customer happiness? Tell us more in the comments!

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