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7 useful websites for writers and self-publishers

Written by
November 17, 2022

It’s the best feeling ever: the ideas keep on coming and in no time you have pages filled with sublime sentences. Unfortunately, life of a self-publisher does not only consist of these kind of moments. Once you finished your book, there are many things to ask yourself. Does my publication need to be edited before I publish it, how am I going to publish my book and can I do the marketing myself? It can be helpful to talk to other self-publishers, but not everyone has friends that are writers, too. Therefore, I listed 7 websites on writing and self-publishing that are worth following.

1. Digital Inkwell

Brenda Barron can be an inspiration for every writer. She designed her blog The Digital Inkwell to help bloggers and writers that are freelancing. Brenda states that you are only valued as much as you value yourself. According to her anyone with the drive and passion for the written word can accomplish what she has: becoming a professional writer.

2. Self-Publishing review

Did you finish your book? Self-Publishing Review offers marketing help for self-publishers. They can help you get a professional book review, book marketing and book editing. The website also covers the latest self-publishing news and how tos on the self-publishing process.

3. Self-Publishing Podcast

Listen to these podcasts when you want to know more about writing, being an author and selling books. Full time authors Jonny Truant, David Wright and Sean Platt talk about everything that you need to know when you want to publish a book in today’s do-it-yourself publishing era. They discuss business strategies and talk about self-publishing as a rewarding career. Whether you are on the metro or on the beach: you can listen to these interesting self-publishing podcasts wherever you are!

4. Indie Pub Chat

Indie Pub Chat is a kind of library for self-publishers. On the website, you can find lots of articles on anything and everything you want to know about the art of writing and self-publishing:, editing, marketing, design and much more. Beware that you do not lose yourself in all the interesting articles, you also have stuff to write!

5. Self-Publishing Toolbox

Sometimes, you just need a little help. On this website, authors and publishers can find great tools to help them write, format, publish and promote their work. The Self-Publishing Toolbox was developed by a successful full-time self-published author and all the tools are tested and have been proven to work for writers.

6. Catherine Ryan Howard

Catherine Ryan Howard is a self-publishing novelist. In 2010, she published a light-hearted memoir. On her blog, she writes about the process of writing a book, being a writer and everything that comes with that. Her journey might inspire you!

7. Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

A website dedicated to helping the self-publisher or those thinking of self-publishing to learn about the self-publishing business: that was the idea behind the setup of Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors. Anyone can join in the discussions dealing with self-publishing, writing, marketing and business.

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