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7 essential magazine cover design tips

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November 17, 2022

Awesome magazine covers are fundamental in a world focused on visuals. For consumers, magazine cover designs are the determining factor in their decision on which magazine they are going to buy. As a self-publisher, you might not also be a designer, but these magazine cover design tips might help you create the picture perfect cover.

1. Pick a central image

For the front cover, focus on just one image. Most magazine cover designers pick an image that belongs to one of the most important articles of that issue. Give the image a special detail or caption that makes people curious about the inside of the magazine.

magazine cover design

2. Think of metaphors

Does the issue of your magazine have a central theme? Think of metaphors related to that theme and try to present it as an image or a background on your cover.

3. Choose colours that fit the issue

Is the issue of your magazine all about spring? Go for a yellow cover. Is it a Valentine’s special? Pick the colour red. You can adjust the cover’s colour to the theme or the season of the year: it represents the issue’s mood.

4. Contrast in your magazine cover design attracts attention

If you find it hard to come up with a colour scheme, think of combining contrasting colours. These combinations help the image pop and your cover will be a real eye-catcher.

5. Add teasers to the cover

The text on the cover should be a sneak-peek of what is inside the magazine. A quote taken from one of the interviews in the magazine, the amount of tips on a certain subject or a contest with valuable prizes for example.

6. Pay attention to typography

Make sure you use the same fonts for every issue of your magazine. When picking a font, avoid fonts with dubious reputations. Comic sans ms is an example of a font with a dubious reputation. Also think of typographic hierarchy: make the title the biggest size and the least important text the smallest size.

7. Be consistent, not monotonous

It is important to give every issue of your magazine certain characteristics that make your brand recognizable: the fonts and the placement of the title and the article teasers for example. But make sure you keep surprising people.

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