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6 Social media marketing tips for Writers and Self-Publishers

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November 17, 2022
Blog|Marketing tips

Traditional publishers might have more money and tons of resources but that does not have to mean they have more success in book or magazine marketing than a self-publisher. For writers and self-publishers, the internet is the most important resource as you can use it at very low costs and often for free. Especially social media are very useful channels: they enable you to market your book or magazine, connect with other indie publishers and communicate with fans and potential readers. What are the best ways to use social media as a self-publisher? Learn more in this blog post!


1. Focus on the channels that work for you

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest are the most mentioned social media channels. But not all social media channels work for everyone and being active on all of these channels will take a lot of time. It is better to pick a few social media channels and master these than to use all of the channels just a little bit. So how do you know which channels fit you? Do some research, find out your target group’s favorite channels and start testing!

2. Deliver content consistently

People like to know what they can expect. That is why it is useful to develop a routine in the social media channels you use. Share your posts on writing on Tuesday and a personal post on Thursday for example. Just make sure you are consistent. It can help to create a marketing calendar to schedule subjects and themes.

3. Share your print link via social media

With Peecho’s print link, you can sell your books and magazines as prints on demand straight from your social media accounts. Just upload your PDF, copy the print link and paste it into your post. The print link is free and you can decide how much profit you want to make. This way, you can allow people from all over the world to get your publication in print.

4. Create video content

Video is more popular than ever. Because of improved technologies, creating a video can be done by anyone. And because of improved connectivity, people can watch videos wherever they are. Videos can be about anything: about yourself, about how you create your publications or about your work. It does not have to be difficult and people love it.

5. Respond to all messages and comments you receive

Social media are called social for a reason. Positive or negative: make sure you respond to all messages and comments you receive. It shows you are not a robot, you take your fans seriously and that you are personally involved. Being in touch with your fans can also bring up new ideas for your books or magazines. You cannot go wrong here.

6. Analyze your previous posts and improve your content

It’s important to analyze your posts and find out what your audience likes. Do your Tweets on writing get many retweets? Tweet more of those. Do your personal Facebook posts get most likes? Get personal! Likes, shares and retweets lead to more exposure, more followers and hopefully more buyers of your publication.

Would you like to sell your book or magazine straight from your social media account? Create a Peecho account and upload your book or magazine as a PDF file. Copy the free print link into your social media post and wait for your readers to buy your creation as print on demand. For help, email Kenneth (!

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