6 Characteristics of a highly creative person, recognizable?

You think and act differently than the average person and sometimes it feels like you live in a completely different world than others. Being a highly creative person can be a blessing and a curse. You can create the most beautiful things but not everyone will understand that you have to do that in the middle of the night or at the same time you actually had a date with your best friend. In this blog post you can find 6 characteristics of highly creative persons: Are you one of them?

  1. Your feelings are very intense

Creativity is about deep communication and human expression. It is not possible to give what you don’t have. An artist must feel deep to communicate these feelings to the rest of the world. So no longer curse the intensity of your feelings, embrace it!

  1. You are a daydreamer

Your parents and teachers might have told you it is a waste of time but you know better. Daydreaming offers various personal rewards: creative incubation, future planning, self-awareness, compassion and reflection on the meaning of your experiences. It can even be recommended to take a five minute break every hour to stimulate the creative process. Simple activities like walking or cleaning allow your mind to wander and the best ideas will come up.

highly creative person

  1. You think and talk in stories

Stories can move the human heart in a way that facts will never be able to. As a highly creative person, you are well aware of this and you weave stories into everything you do. It takes you longer to explain something because for you, the way a story is told is what matters. People like you always find a way to make the world more interesting. 

  1. You are open to new experiences

The hunger for cognitive exploration of your inner and outer world is a characteristic that strongly predicts creative achievement. This can be intellectual openness (searching for the truth and engage with ideas), aesthetic openness (explore fantasy, art and beauty) or affective openness (investigate the depth of human emotions). Being open to new experiences will help you find connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information. Something simple like driving a different route to work will actually help you in the creative process!

  1. You focus deeply

It can take a while to get into that creative flow, but once you are focused, you tune out the entire world. Multi-tasking is not your thing and it can take a while to re-focus after being interrupted. That is why you have to give in when inspiration hits you, even when this happens in the middle of the night.

  1. You find it hard to finish projects

When you just started a new creative project you are moving fast and you are filled with excitement. But as a highly creative person you come up with new ideas all the time. More than once you abandoned a project to start a new project. Sometimes you need these unfinished projects to come up with the successful finalized projects.

  1. As a highly creative person you will never grow up

Highly creative people have the desire to see the world through the eyes of a child and never lose a sense of wonder. Your life is about mystery, adventure and never losing your youth. Your gift is being able to share this with other, not so creative people.


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