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6 advantages of book and magazine printing on demand

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November 17, 2022

It doesn’t matter who you are, why you want to print something or how many copies you need: with print on demand (POD) you can turn any PDF or Word file into a luxury magazine or book print. We listed six advantages of book and magazine printing on demand.

1. You can order an example

You can order one sample of your book or magazine to see what it looks like in print. Or because you are very proud of your work and want to turn it into something tangible of course. If needed, you can make some adjustments, and order a sample again!

Advantages print on demand

2. No required sales volume

When you just finished your book or magazine, it’s impossible to know how many copies you are going to sell. The good thing about POD: you don’t need to know. When you sell your book or magazine printed on demand, it doesn’t matter if you sell one or one thousand copies. With POD, nothing gets printed until one of your readers actually buys your book or magazine.

3. No storage and distribution hassle

You don’t have to order a bunch of books and then send them all to your customers individually. This means you don’t have to find a place to store all those copies and you don’t have to go to the post office for each order you receive.

4. You can change the cover or content any time

Of course you spend a lot of time editing your masterpiece over and over again, but sometimes you overlook a typo or a grammar mistake. When you find one of those, you are happy you chose POD. You can change the cover or content any time and you won’t end up with a bunch of incorrectly printed books.

5. No waste of money

As a (starting) self-publisher, you are not a billionaire. It is important to spend your money carefully. When you use Peecho to sell your books or magazines, the production, shipping and customer service won’t cost you anything. That means you can spend your money on a book cover designer, an editor or marketing campaigns!

6. Print on demand is sustainable!

When you sell your books and magazines via POD, you contribute to the preservation of the earth. No paper and CO2 emissions are wasted on books nobody is going to read. Let’s go green!

Are you a self-publisher, indie publisher or author and would you like to discover the possibilities of book or magazine printing on demand options? Email or call us (+31638445117).

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