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5 reasons why self-publishing is awesome

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November 17, 2022

Self-publishing requires perseverance and hard work, but it also has a lot of advantages. From the story to the price of your publication: all decisions are yours. Self-Publishing is awesome: you can read why in this list of five advantages of self-publishing over traditional publishing.

1. You don’t have to wait to get published

Publishing via traditional publishers can take months, sometimes even years. Especially the searching for and the convincing of a publisher to publish your book can take a lot of time. When you finally found one, they will take their time to change the text and the cover until it suits their commercial goals. You can just skip all these unnecessary steps by publishing your book yourself. When you finished it, just upload the digital file and sell it as print on demand.

2. Change, modify, merge and improve at any time

Unlike traditional self-published books or magazines, self-published publications can be kept on sale indefinitely. And because the books are not printed in high volumes, they can be changed, modified, merged or improved at any time. You can experiment with different covers, book descriptions and genre and category listings to find out what is the best way to promote your book. You can even replace a whole chapter!

3. You can control your own marketing

If you publish with a traditional publisher, your book or magazine will end up in a book store. Book stores have limited shelf space. When there was also a new release of a famous book like Harry Potter, they know it is going to sell and they will put it on a prominent spot. Putting an unknown author on the best spot is too much of a risk many bookstore owners are not willing to take. When you market your product online, you can control its marketing completely. In today’s online world, you can change your target audience, your advertisements and your budget at any time.

4. Copyrights stay yours

When you self-publish your book, all the rights belong to you: the author. This means you can do whatever you want to do with your book at any time. When you publish via a publishing house, you have to work within their constraints.

5. You set the price, you profit

Traditional publishers can make book prices rather high. This is because there are many extra people involved that also have to get paid. When you self-publish, your customer buys your product from you directly. You control the price of your book or magazine and you decide how much profit you want to make.

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