5 Independent magazines worth following


In the twentieth century, only supermarkets, kiosks and bookstores decided which magazines were available for sale. Nowadays, anyone can sell their own magazine and you can buy all kinds of magazines because of the internet and print on demand. We listed 5 special indie magazines worth following or buying via print on demand.


1. HUF MagazineActors, artists, designers, models, photographers, stylists, writers: HUF interviews all kinds of creative minds. Whether they are amateurs, students, semi-professionals or professionals, they all get a voice in the magazine. Are you obsessed with beauty and visual impact? Keep an eye on HUF Magazine!



2. SHOT! Magazine

Whoever is interested in photojournalism and art photography should get SHOT! Magazine. In 2013, Gonçalo Porfírio and Cláudio Lacerda established an online photography community on Facebook and turned the resulting content  into a print on demand magazine. The aim is to give artists the opportunity to share their work and receive appreciation, both professional and personal.

3. E-Dalmatians

A magazine all about dalmatians, who would not want to read that? E dalmatians is the first online dalmatian magazine and is published every other month. Read the magazine and get to know everything about the most beautiful, prize-winning dalmatians, newborns and dalmatian accessories.

4. Audiation magazine

Audiation magazine is all about the expression of music & the creative arts. This international publication features music content to varied tastes. It is their aim to be the voice of the creative sector and to support independent talent. Just like the other magazines, Audiation magazine is available in print via pod.

5. Modellenland magazine

Modellen Land Magazine is a submission-based (everyone with interesting content can submit their story) editorial publication that celebrates the true art of fashion and the emerging artists behind it. The magazine contains beautiful editorial photographs and is a treat for everyone who loves fashion. Do you want to know more? Visit their website.

Are you an indie publisher yourself and would you like to offer your independent magazine via print on demand? Create a Peecho account, upload your pdf and allow others to get your magazine in print via the print button or print link. It does not cost you anything and you decide how much profit you make. Do you have any questions? Contact us (kenneth@peecho.com)!







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