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2 Self-Publishing success stories: how to sell a magazine or book

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November 17, 2022

You just finished your book or magazine and are you trying to figure out how to start selling. There are many options to be found online, but how do you know which option is best for you? Self-publishing via Peecho is one of those options. With the free print button or print link, you can allow others to get your book or magazine in print. In this blog post, you can read two self-publishing success stories. How do these self-publishers sell their magazine and book via Peecho print on demand?

The Isis nicole magazine

The Isis Nicole magazine was established in 2013 by Isis Nicole from the United States. The self-published magazine is about young creators of fashion, music and art. Isis Nicole likes to talk about universal experiences with the artists like being in love, surges of inspiration and earning independence. This makes the articles in the magazine very vulnerable.

The Isis Nicole mag uses the Peecho print button on their website like you can see in this screenshot:

Why is Peecho the ultimate solution for self-publishers? Isis Nicole says about this: ‘’It's really a dream come true to have a magazine that represents who we are from how it looks to how it feels. The colours pop, the paper feels inviting, and the size is travel friendly. I'm really happy to grow our business with the support of Peecho. A lot of our customers are based in Europe. Making use of Peecho's print button has been the distribution solution of our dreams.’’

You can read the whole interview with Isis Nicole in this blog post.

Photography book Monopix

Monopix is an independently published photography book; each edition has a general theme which can include a wide variety of photos. The hardcover books feature work of photographers from all over the world.

Founders Jessica Schaap and Dick Visser from the Netherlands use the print button on their website. They also share the print link on social media like you can see in this screenshot:

Why did Dick and Jessica start using Peecho? ‘’There are many companies offering the same service, but very few of them perform at this level, in terms of print quality, flexibility, and care. We got in touch with Martijn Groot and felt at home right away. And the help desk is great, too!’’

You can read the whole interview with Dick and Jessica in this blog post.

How to start self-publishing

Nice stories, but how do you start self-publishing your book or magazine yourself? Just create a Peecho account, upload your file and get the free print button or print link. Anyone in the world will be able to buy your book or magazine and the profit is yours. For more information or help, get in touch with us (!

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