Print digital publications on demand


An extra revenue model

With a Simple Print Button you can sell your digital content as professional prints - worldwide.

It's really easy

Add a Simple Print Button to your website and your visitors can start ordering your publications.

Full service

We take care of the payment, production, shipping and customer service. You profit.

Players Magazine is a beautiful example of how Peecho's printed issues can support a primarily digital experience with POD

Publish digitally, but print on demand

Alongside your digital publication, you can offer magazines and books in high quality print with a single button. Straight from your own website and without any effort.

Never go out of stock again

Using the Simple Print Button, you can offer your entire digital catalogue in print. No inventory needed and never sold out.

Players Magazine sets the example of how digital publishers can serve a larger audience by offering their publications in POD hard-copy as well, worldwide through Peecho's cloud print network

Customer story

Issuu works with Peecho to allow print on demand for digital publishers, straight from their website

Issuu, one of the largest digital publishers in the workd, uses Peecho to create beautiful printed issues

Issuu, the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world, uses Peecho's print platform for publishers to transform their digital publications into tangible products. Options include magazines, glossy paperbacks and hardcover books - all printed on demand, regardless of size or number of pages.

"Digital media has made publishing easier than ever before, but nothing beats the elegance of print. Issuu serves a global publisher community, so we are thrilled to partner with Peecho, who can both manage the variety of individual document sizes and also delivery on a global scale. We're excited to bring Print on Demand to our publishers via this partnership."

Magazines and reposrts printed on demand


In full colour or black and white.
From € 2.80.

Softcover books printed on demand

Softcover books

In full colour or black and white.
From € 4.20.

Hardcover books printed on demand

Hardcover books

Beautiful hardcover books.
From € 8.60.
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