Cut costs with local print on demand for businesses


Print as an addition

Digital publishing is great, but part of your target audience may prefer print. Luckily, offering booklets in print was never easier.

Integration is a breeze

You do not need IT expertise. Simply add a print button to your website and your visitors can start ordering your publications.

Full service

We take care of the payment, production, shipping and customer service - globally. This is not just cost-effective, but also green.

Print your business reports as beautiful glossy paperback or hardcover book, on demand only, with the cloud print technology of Peecho's Simple Print Button

Print only when and where needed

With the Simple Print Button on your website, you can offer your research papers, annual reports and manuals not just as a digital publication, but also as a high quality printed copies.

Our international cloud print network will take care of it. Without any effort, only on demand and as close to the recipient as possible.

Automate your printing

Using the Simple Print Service, you can now replace your in-house printing by your own, fully branded web application, used by your employees to create reports on demand.

Your orders will be professionally produced in a facility near you.

Your research papers will look much better in glossy paperback, report or even full colour hardcover print, using the cloud print technology of Peecho's Simple Print Button

Customer story

ABN AMRO reports can be downloaded and offered as printed issue, but only on demand using Peecho's Simple Print Button

ABN AMRO uses Peecho's Simple Print Button on their website, to support their move to digital publishing.

Print on demand reduces the amount of paper used and lowers carbon emissions from transportation. It also allows companies to cut back on the overhead costs associated with offset printing and shipping. Seeing this as a great opportunity to strengthen their CSR efforts and avoid unnecessary expenses, ABN AMRO proudly launched the Peecho Simple Print Button in their website and started offering sector reports on demand.

"Our latest sector publication for the ICT-sector was launched with Peecho, giving our clients the choice between PDF and print. Our customers are even willing to pay for the prints!"

Magazines and reposrts printed on demand

Magazines and reports

In full colour or black and white.
From € 2.80.

Softcover books printed on demand

Softcover books

In full colour or black and white.
From € 4.20.

Hardcover books printed on demand

Hardcover books

Beautiful hardcover books.
From € 8.60.
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