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Martijn nominated for LOEY Award

Right after notorious industry leaders from Hyves, Spil Games and Woodwing, suddenly the name of Peecho’s co-founder Martijn Groot drops


The good news show

Sure, we agree that the title of this blog is just an over-the-top teaser, but we do have some really

New software!

This week, we released a new version of our software platform, involving both user experience and technical back-end. Based on

Print button growth spurt

As you may have noticed, there has been some buzz about the Facebook Like for cloud printing – or, if

Get your TNW Magazine

At the upcoming TheNextWeb event, Mobypicture will be hosting a unique Mobynow platform to aggregate all the conference buzz. When


Major Printcloud release

What would Google do? Google always makes sure the infrastructure works first. Only then, they release the applications that depend

Character encoding gotchas

Just when you think you’ve got your spring web application nicely under control your first customer from a Scandinavian country

Peecho on Emerce online

As you might have noticed, we were covered in an Emerce article a couple of weeks ago. Now, the article

Featured customer: Kodak Gallery

As Jakob Nielsen once said: on the internet, people tend to spend more time on other websites than on yours.

Happy new year!

Peecho wishes you all the best in 2011. Really, we do. For those of you who just tuned in, we added