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Peecho goes to Drupa 2012

Drupa is the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world. This year, Peecho will make the trip to Düsseldorf, Germany

Peecho brings print on demand to Issuu’s vast digital library

Imagine you’re a writer. You’ve been through months of hard work to get your publication online and build up your

Integrating with Peecho: A how-to guide for printers

The word is out. Publishers are digitizing their content and coming up with innovative ways to monetize it online, paving

ABN AMRO prints their latest sector report via Peecho

Embracing cloud printing to drive corporate social responsibility Just yesterday, at the annual IT Entrepreneurship Congress ( ICT Ondernemerschap )

Integrating Peecho’s Cloud Print Button into your mobile app

Peecho’s Cloud Print Button makes it easy to turn digital content into professionally printed products like photo books and magazines.

Weighing in on the e-book pricing debate

A pretty heated debate has been going on in the publishing industry surrounding e-book prices, the lack of competitiveness in

Peecho welcomes new team member

We’ve been keeping busy interviewing some awesome candidates for our new job openings and are thrilled to announce the addition

Peecho releases new cloud print button

For over a year, the Peecho cloud print button has been the simplest way to sell digital publications as professionally

Peecho funded by Peak Capital and DHG Holding

We are really happy to announce that Peecho closed a funding round of $ 750K with Peak Capital and DHG


KODAK Gallery Friend Mug

As a great example of a Peecho print button in social media, Kodak Gallery launched its Facebook Friend Mug application