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Character encoding gotchas

Just when you think you’ve got your spring web application nicely under control your first customer from a Scandinavian country

Peecho on Emerce online

As you might have noticed, we were covered in an Emerce article a couple of weeks ago. Now, the article

Featured customer: Kodak Gallery

As Jakob Nielsen once said: on the internet, people tend to spend more time on other websites than on yours.

Happy new year!

Peecho wishes you all the best in 2011. Really, we do. For those of you who just tuned in, we added

Java S3 upload using Spring RestTemplate

At Peecho, we use many of the Amazon AWS services. For example, we use EC2 for our virtual machines and S3

We are moving

We have some great news! Peecho is moving – literally, that is. Our new headquarters will be at the fifth

Android upload to Amazon S3

Willem Vermeer, one of our main community members, wrote this piece while struggling with our open source Android application. Let’s

New Chief Architect

After opening up the API and releasing the Printclient software, there is more to celebrate at Peecho this week. From

Peecho wins award

Last week, Peecho won the award for best business model in the start-up rally of TheNextWeb conference in Amsterdam. Werner Vogels (CTO